Is Another Bundy Ranch Indictment Coming this Week?

bundy ranch 2014

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By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

How many more people will be arrested for charges in the 2014 Bunkerville, Nevada, Bundy Ranch standoff? If you think everyone has already been rounded up, think again. The last superceding indictment alluded to another and now it looks like it’s about to come down early this week. Two videos broadcast on YouTube from supporters of the militants claim the new indictment with multiple new defendants is due by Tuesday.

On March 17, while hosting her first YouTube show, The Oath, Washington National Guard’s, SSG Maureen Peltier, aka SSG Moe, tells listeners,


It is true. For those of you who that may have heard the whisperings, there’s a new indictment from Nevada coming out and it is anticipated, on good authority, good word. I’m not gonna name names, but it’s coming soon so it’ll prove me right or wrong or prove the information I receive right or wrong, but it’s real. It’s happening. The Grand Jury came together in Nevada and approved this indictment and many arrests are coming. We don’t know the number, we don’t know the names. I haven’t seen the paperwork yet . It’s very real.”

Before moving on to her next order of business, she emphasizes the new indictment is strictly related to the Bundy Ranch event.

Peltier has become a close friend of Deborah Jordan, girlfriend of jailed protester, Pete Santilli. The video was broadcast the same day as Santilli’s Nevada arraignment in Portland’s Federal court. Jordan was notably absent in court.

In the video, Peltier states she spoke with Jordan that same day and continues her show from the perspective that the message was coming from both her and Jordan.

That same day, on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show, host and Oath Keeper, Jason Van Tatenhove interviewed Nevada Assemblywoman and Congressional candidate Michele Fiore. He did not post the video to his YouTube channel until the following day. In it, Fiore discusses the coming indictment saying,


Basically they’re looking at anyone that was at Bunkerville in 2014 with a firearm. So, the Nevada prosecutor that was in Oregon last week told an Oregon attorney that today, Friday, they would be Friday March 18, through the upcoming Tuesday, they will be doing another mass, using that term ‘mass’ M-A-S-S, amount of arrests with anyone that was in Bunkerville with a firearm in 2014.”

The emphasis on the word ‘mass’ is Fiore’s.

She continues by advising all of the Patriots and ‘Cowboys’ listening to not talk to the feds without their attorneys.

It is worth mentioning, Fiore was also at Santilli’s Nevada arraignment in Portland’s Federal court. I think it is pretty safe to say the attorney she references getting her information is none other than Santilli lawyer, Thomas K. Coan.

Are they fearmongering to their base or are we about to see a new round of charges and arrests? I think the latter is likely. Either way, we will find out soon enough.



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