YouTuber Dallas Ahrens says Pete Santilli Influenced Him to Go to Malheur, Read Constitution

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

Patriot friendly, self-proclaimed organic farmer “III%’er and YouTuber, Dallas Ahrens, hosted Pete Santilli girlfriend, Deborah Jordan in a recent March 25 interview . Jordan sightings have been rare over the past several weeks and this interview goes a long way to show what a bad idea for Pete’s case it is for her to keep on talking.

At the 05:11:00 mark of the interview, Dallas Ahrens III%, praises Santilli, telling Jordan,

“I woulda never even met you or Pete or Ammon, LaVoy, any, I woulda never met any of those guys if it was not for Pete. And, I honestly woulda never even started, uh, talking about the Constitution of the United States. I talk about it all the time now to people. You know it’s, it’s, it’s become a habit for me, um, and I, I’ve moved on from being upset and I think that’s what a lot of people do, put,.we need to put our egos aside, and, and, just realize that we’ve been lied to and that we need to re-educate ourselves. And, and, I’m all about it and cuz I learned a lot out there [Malheur]. I really did.”

With friends like that, eh? And Ahrens sounds like a such a nice, thoughtful, young man. Ding ding, I think he just won himself a subpoena from the prosecution.

It was obvious Jordan realized the harm those words could do her man. Twice, as Ahrens was speaking, her anxiety and impatience for him to finish is heard in the tone of her quick “uh huh”‘s. As soon as he stops, still completely ignorant of the weight of the words he had just spoken, Jordan jumps in,

“Yeh, well what you just said, is that you would never have, um, been there, if it hadn’t been for; is exactly the government’s argument. That if it hadn’t been for Pete santilli, um, livestreaming, um starting last December the 27th, and actually before that. They’re even saying before that when he had, um, when he, when he had Ammon on the show, who was talking about the uh, you know, the rally, and, and, educating the people on who the Hammonds were. They, they’re actually throwing that in there. That if it hadn’t been for Pete, um, you know, people wouldn’t have come and people wouldn’t have [unintelligible] and talking about it. And, it wouldn’t of been the national story that it was. They’re also accusing him of the same thing in, in Nevada. You know, that because he livestreamed it nd because he caught them doing terrible things to people, that you know, it incited, uh, people to go there. And, um, you know, that’s part of their argument here. And were, we have to defend, uh, an alternative media livestreaming uh broadcaster now for doing the same thing, you know, livestreamers do all the time when they go to rally’s, go to events like that.”

Does Deb Jordan need to be arrested before she understands the value of her Miranda rights and that she should be applying them now? Apparently not, as she intends to fly solo and re-up her and Santilli’s internet morning show, Off the Hook.  I am sure she will be pleased with all of her new federal subscribers.

As Malheur refuge’s last man out, David Fry, would say, “Can I see some thumb’s up?”



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