Why is ATF Surveilling Phoenix, Arizona Strip Mall Location of United Nation Ammo Company Blocks Away From Home of Bundy Ranch Indictee, Gregory Burleson



By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

On March 23, someone driving a white “Field Pros” utility truck attached a black box with up to 3 “viewing panes” to the utility pole at the intersection of W. 21st & W. Glendale avenues, in Phoenix, Arizona. When the worker was approached by neighborhood resident, Brian Clegg, he drove away, leaving the mystery box attached to the pole.

Clegg called in complaints to the Salt River Project (SRP) because he felt the box could pose a safety hazard. What he didn’t know, is what the box was for. SRP knew nothing of the box, nor did they give permission for its installation. There is also no company by the name of “Field Pros” registered in Arizona.

After checking it out, a representative of SRP told Clegg’s mother it was related to law enforcement, so Clegg then called the Phoenix police, who denied it was theirs. The box was then removed.

The Culprit

The bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives (ATF) came forward Thursday, claiming the box as theirs, telling Phoenix’s ABC15 that, ” … depending on the investigation and security they can put security measures in place without permission.” And, that in this case, they had, “acted within their bounds”. Some residents and business owners however, are concerned over privacy issues, but ATF will not comment on what it is doing citing an ongoing investigation.

ABC15 has now claimed the mystery of the box “solved” however, the admittance of ATF involvement only deepens the riddle for several reasons.

But, Is the Mystery Really Solved?

united nations ammo company phoenix mystery atf box

IMAGE SOURCE: GoogleEarth sceenncap

Housed within the strip mall the so-called “mystery box” was facing, is a handful of businesses including the United Nations Ammo Company (UNAC). Shop owner, Howie Glaser,  is no stranger to controversy. Some have dubbed him the “Merchant of Death” because of the specific types of ammunition he carries.

UNAC Backstory

Four years ago, on April 17, 2012, a Demco Express semi, loaded with 280,000 rounds of ammunition driven by Dallas, Texas, truck-driver, Jabin Bogan, was seized by Mexican customs inspectors at the Juarez border crossing.  The driver said he took a wrong turn on his way to Phoenix, Arizona to deliver assault rifle ammunition to UNAC, Glaser’s wholesale ammo shop, after having made two deliveries in El Paso. He was unable to simply turn the rig around when he realized his mistake and was told to just drive through the inspection and turn around there where he was arrested for smuggling ammunition, and both the ammo, and the truck, were confiscated by authorities.

Bogan was released from CEFERESO Villa Aldama prison in Veracruz state on bail seven months later, after his mother paid a fine. Bogan, years later, said he still did not know why or how he was released. Glaser was cleared of any wrongdoing although some still speculate there is much more to the story.

Customer Concerns?

Glaser’s ammo supply store caters to hunters and sportsmen, but is also confirmed by a credible, but anonymous, source, that some local members of vigilante border patrol groups, and other militia sorts, frequent the shop. In fact, anti-immigration extremists, Timothy Guiney and Gregory Burleson, self-proclaimed militia members and participants in the 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff in Bunkerville, Nevada, live within blocks of the UNAC.

greg burleson bundy ranch pic

IMAGE SOURCE: Facebook Greg Burleson @BundyRanch 2014

Burelson was indicted on multiple federal charges by a federal grand jury in Nevada on March 2 for his involvement, along with four others from Arizona: Blaine Cooper of Humboldt, Joseph O’Shaughnessy of Cottonwood, and Chandler residents Micah McGuire and Jason Woods. Burleson is described as a “guman” in the indictment. So far, a total of 19 men from across the country have been indicted for their various roles in the Bundy Ranch episode.

Rumors started by Nevada Assemblywoman and Congressional candidate, Michele Fiore, and Washington National Guard’s, Staff Sargent Maureen Peltier, aka SSG Moe, claim another “mass” indictment, stemming from Bunkerville, is still to come. In an Oath Keeper interview, Fiore said, “Basically they’re looking at anyone that was at Bunkerville in 2014 with a firearm“.

If that is the case, Guiney, and others, may not yet be out of the woods.


There is no public evidence the UNAC had, or has, any involvement in the Bunkerville Nevada event. There is also no evidence UNAC is in fact the target of the mysterious ATF investigation and the black box surveillance. But, in light of the more recent events, and 27 other indictments of patriot militia members, arising from the January Burns, Oregon, Malheur refuge armed takeover that involved many of the same key players and supporters of the Bundy Ranch standoff, one has to wonder if the ATF’s recent interest in surveilling the corner of W. 21st & W. Glendale avenues where UNAC is, has more to do with who is coming and going from the shop, than the shop itself.

NOTE: In addition to the UNAC, there is also a tax firm, Patriot Accounting, LLC, located in the strip mall. It is unclear at this time if there is any relevance to any of this, outside of the businesses name. But, the owner,William Spain, also uses the handle Patriot1 as well as lists that moniker same as an individual agent/owner on his business license.



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