Letters to David Fry, Oregon Standoff’s “Last Man Out” – #1


By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

In a jailhouse audio recording posted to YouTube’s, Defend Your Base channel, David Fry, Oregon Standoff’s “Last Man Out” of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near the town of Burns, thanks those he recently received letters from. He thanks me “C. Roberts” at about the 1-minute mark.  

I had been waiting for some acknowledgement or confirmation that he had received my correspondence before I began publishing my letters for my readers.

Many people have become curious about me and my story and how I fit into any of this equation; or why I am so interested in these people and what happened in Burns, Oregon, as well as Bunkerville, Nevada.

Although I have taken time each week on my show, Challenging the Rhetoric, to gently go into the details, I thought sharing my letters to Fry, would be a better way to help you all understand there is so much more to what happened, and what’s wrong in this country, than most realize. More people than not, are pissed off about something the government has, or hasn’t done. I would challenge, the majority of American’s suffer from some level of PTSD, primarily since the horrific events of September 11, 2001.

Enough cannot be said about the cultish atmosphere of the conspiracy, and anti-government world, and how easily, and fully, it can take hold of anyone, including me, blurring the lines of what is right and what is wrong. 

So far, I have sent a single letter. Here it is in it’s entirety …


David,                                                                                                                                                                  04/04/16

I’d considered handwriting this letter as I thought you would appreciate it more however, I can get more words on a page by typing and as it turns out, I have a lot to say. I hope you are open to listening, or at least bored enough, that you read on. To be sure, I am not writing to lambaste or chastise you at all. In fact, I think you need to know what is happening on the outside, because the picture you are being drawn by so-called ‘Patriots’, is sadly inaccurate.

Also, I have my own story to tell and thought maybe it would mean something to you.

But, before you read further, I want to disclose to you, that I am a journalist.

It is important to me that I let you know there are countless people who care about you. You don’t know any of us; we are just a bunch of people that followed what happened at Malheur, particularly your live feeds in those final weeks. What was sad about your livefeeds is that your patriot brethren were paying no attention – except for those who were trying to somehow capitalize on your fear. Instead it was a bunch of strangers glued to their screens, worried sick and Tweeting away.

I posted to your YouTube page many times. Trying to reach you. Trying to teach you. I think I may have upset or offended you; if you took any notice at all. I guess it is safe to say, in a way, I had a personal and vested interest in you and what was happening.

I used to be involved with some of these groups and/or types of groups. I have been friends with some of these very people. I even, at one time, briefly, did some work for Pete Santilli. I used to talk all the same talk. I was a die-hard and well known activist for many years for many causes, but specifically, 9/11 Truth, anti-GMO, anti-Pharma and more.  I was even once filmed for a documentary on excessive force and police brutality, and people like Loose Change’s, Dylan Avery, are my real life friends and been guests in my home.

Conspiracies are real and the government is not necessarily our friends or on our side.

I guess I tell you that in order to show you that I get you. I certainly cannot claim to know all about you or everything going on in your head. Far from it. What I can claim, however, is a unique understanding about you and the situation.

I moved around a lot as a child. I come from a  very abusive home.  I was also bullied often at school for being new, for having buck teeth, big boobs, a brain … basically, for existing. I know the isolation that can cause, and I know what it feels like to experience it. I don’t really bond with many people even still.

As an adult, it was refreshing to discover others who shared some of the same concerns about the world that I had. The more involved with them on the internet I became, the less involved, in this thing called life, I actually was. That’s saying a lot considering I am a mother of three and I was raising them at the time. The few people who had previously surrounded me in my terrestrial world soon took a back seat, and then a step back altogether. My ideas and beliefs sounded extreme and even frightening to most, yet to me, I was being passionate and non-complacent, unlike the ‘sheep’ who were brainless fools participating in the problem.

As a journalist I researched and wrote many things and because of that I was a target for every theory about anything under the sun, so I was exposed to a trove of conspiracy fodder unlike I had even known existed. Some of it was fascinating and warranted further research. Some was so outrageously and blantantly false, it put real false flags to shame and took away any credibility of the research behind them. I eventually learned that there are people who believe everything is a conspiracy; there are also people who simply like to try to make others think everything is a conspiracy.

Paid and hobby provocateurs are real, but what I was witnessing was something different that went deeper than all of that. Things that had once enticed me to review them turned into things that reviled me, causing me to feel anger towards those who were perpetuating such fallacies. These were not provocateurs in the expected sense, no, they were people who were experiencing some sort of genuine mental health crisis and I was only beginning to understand it because like a recovering addict off the wagon, I was still partaking from the source. The camaraderie I felt with so many people was too much to give up cold turkey.

Being accepted is a powerful drug.

I will write more later. Until then, I hope you are holding up. You had a pre-trial hearing with oral arguments today. Your father was here. He loves you. You’re still a virgin. That’s a plus.

~ C



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14 responses to “Letters to David Fry, Oregon Standoff’s “Last Man Out” – #1

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  4. This is a great letter. I ordered David a U.S. Constitution from the U.S. Capital gift shop. I felt that since he’d fallen for the Bundys scheme it only right he have the correct version going forward. I did that a couple of weeks ago. Also wrote him today and explained Skousen, National Center for constitutional studies, aka the Freedom institute. I view David as a vulnerable individual. I hope that the Judge continues to recognize that. I also recognize that he is an adult and needs to accept some personal responsibility. I am concerned for his mental health.

    I also did the same for Blaine.

    Liked by 1 person

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