BACKGROUND MOTIVES: Bundy Ranch Supporter, Sarah Redd Buck’s Dark Family History with BLM, FBI, and State Officials

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By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric 

For some, family history can pave a path that few others have ever tread. This is the case of the liberty movement’s, Sarah Redd Buck, whose sad family history, and bitter war, with federal and local government, began many years ago, resulting in the 2009 suicide death of her uncle, James D. Redd, a beloved former Blanding, Utah doctor.

Redd, and 22 others, including Redd’s wife Jeanne and daughter, Jerrica, were indicted in an archaeology theft ring. Jeanne, not Dr. Redd, had been the primary target of the two, in the investigation. Both Jeanne and Jerrica Redd received fines and probation. Their probation was later dropped by a sympathetic judge. Redd’s son Jay was reported as saying he felt his father had sacrificed his own life in order to keep his wife and daughter out of prison.

Two others associated with the case also committed suicide.

A Family Infiltrated

The investigation into the Redd’s, and others, lasted for 2-years and was code named ‘Cerberus Action’. Authorities called it the largest investigation of artifacts stolen from public and/or Native American lands, ever.  The feds had hired themselves a mole, Ted Gardiner, who was working the case from the inside. He took both video and audio recordings of the alleged crimes, wearing a tiny video device, disguised as a black shirt button.  He is one of the three who later took his own life, distraught because he had “pretended to be their friend” and the defendants had trusted him.

Many people, including Sens. Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett, felt the government raid had been over zealous. Jeanne later filed a law suit, against both the FBI and the BLM, claiming their treatment of her husband during the raid is what prompted his suicide. The Redd family continues to claim Dr. Redd’s innocence, although both wife and daughter, took a plea deal.

Daniel P. Love was named BLM agent of the year for his work on the artifacts case and then promoted to special-agent-in-charge of Utah and Nevada. It is important to note, he is the same BLM special agent later leading the charge against Cliven Bundy, in the 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff in Bunkerville, Nevada. The same Daniel Love who was threatened and secretly recorded by now jailed internet talk show host Pete Santilli, who is facing charges in both Oregon and Nevada.

You can read a representative of the unsealed search warrants that were issued during the June 10, 2009 raid of the Redds.

James and Jeanne Redd  had previous issues in 1996 that resulted in misdemeanor trespassing and felony desecration of a grave charges by federal authorities. A judge later dismissed the felony charges.

More Family Legal Drama

Two years after Redd Buck’s aunt filed the lawsuit over her husbands death, Brandon Babcock, a chiropractor married to Redd Buck’s sister, Tavah Redd Babcock, ran into ethics and legal problems, for grifting, and it wasn’t the first time. Back in 2008, he’d signed a “non-disciplinary cease and desist stipulation and order” agreeing to stop advertising that he could treat medical problems, including diabetes and/or weight loss, unless he became licensed to do so.

In April, 2012, the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing suspended Babcock’s license to practice. The DOPL of the Utah Department of Commerce, in 2012, found Babcock, “has repeatedly taken advantage of elderly patients by promising to reverse their diabetes and scaring them into accepting diabetes treatment by telling them they could die, they could have their legs cut off and they could go blind.”

That same month, Babcock was charged with 11 felonies in the state of Utah for scamming, primarily elderly diabetes patients, out of hundreds of thousands of dollars collectively. One count was for applying for credit in the names of patients without their knowledge. Babcock’s Utah charges stemmed from patients he treated operating under, Integrated Health Center of Utah and Functional Endocrinology Institute of Utah. Babcock is not an endocrinologist, nor any other kind of medical doctor.

Babcock had continued to lead seminars in Idaho, Florida, and Arizona, while out on pre-trial bail, before he was sentenced and incarcerated. On May 18, 2013, Babcock was also cited by police in Chandler, Arizona, for a misdemeanor offense of selling supplements without a city permit. Utah corporation records show Babcock’s wife, Tavah Babcock, helped set up the company, Diabetes Solutions,  in July 2012 and is listed as its registered agent.

By August of the same year, West Jordan City revoked Brandon Babcock’s business license. And, by December,  Babcock was sentenced to 6-months in jail.

Redd Buck is a staunch supporter of her brother-in-law’s practices. In comments left on different news sites covering the case, Redd Buck claimed the charges against Babcock were bogus and called for others to “make a stand” with her and her family, blaming Utah’s DOPL for Babcock’s troubles.

Love to Hate Love

sarah redd buck jay ammon

IMAGE SOURCE: screencap from Jay Buck’s Facebook page

In the image above, Redd Buck’s husband, a former Dixie State football player, Jay Buck, poses with Bundy Ranch and Malheur Refuge armed standoff leader, Ammon Bundy, holding a picture of the late Dr. James Redd, who is also featured on Redd Buck’s Booster fund account.  The same picture of Dr. Redd paired with one of rancher LaVoy Finicum, — the only person to lose their life in the Oregon Standoff, is emblazoned on T-shirts for sale.

There are many years of hurt, distrust, and anger that has built up in the Redd family. They had experienced real infiltration, for a considerable duration of time, by a paid government informant. In addition, Redd Buck had a reason to hate BLM’s, Daniel P. Love, long before she ever met the Bundy family.

Right or wrong, is it any wonder Redd Buck is so deeply supportive of their cause, and that of the other co-defendants in the Nevada and Oregon standoffs?

Understanding the motivations behind the bellicose behavior and beliefs of those people making the most noise, goes a long way to understanding the bigger problem in order to create a more effective dialogue in this country. It’s one thing to take someone’s vitriol at face-value. It’s another thing to dig deeper, and find value in it.



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30 responses to “BACKGROUND MOTIVES: Bundy Ranch Supporter, Sarah Redd Buck’s Dark Family History with BLM, FBI, and State Officials

  1. Good point about understanding people’s motives and thought processes. Many of us don’t really understand the patriots motives and reasoning so we tend to ridicule them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Knowing about the background of one of their staunchest supporters make me want to ridicule them more. They truly have no idea what they are standing for, don’t care what they are standing for, and are mentaly challenged enough not to realize that their dream political world would be anathema to most of us.

      Liked by 1 person

      • But what about their motto of suck it up & take responsibility for your actions? Seems to me they like to point the finger at everyone else & tell them that but they never seem to take responsibility for their own actions.

        The Bro-In-Law is a quack con artist, yet Redd Buck proclaims his innocence & doesn’t see any wrongdoing on his part.

        No personal responsibility. It’s never their fault. It’s always the Government taking away their freedoms.

        I don’t think government is perfect & can do with a lot of changes, but these people want complete anarchy because they don’t want to abide by any laws or regulations. They want to live by some misinterpreted Constitution & don’t even believe the Constitution is a living document. They believe in guns, violence, intimidation, theft and more like that.

        I take them seriously for what they are, armed robbers/seditionists

        Liked by 1 person

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  3. Katey Brannum you say that “the Redd’s guilt has been well established”. I was wondering what Redd’s you are talking about. Are you speaking about Dr. James Redd? If not him then who are you speaking about?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jay, FTR, I was clear that the fed’s primary target was your mom and not your father. I am sorry he took his life. Regardless of the charges, it did not warrant the aggressive nature of the raid, IMO. Many people are now finding compassion for your cousin, whereas before they had none, because of this article.

      Liked by 1 person

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  14. Sounds like a witch hunt. We all know Sarah’s character and she is a saint !!! FYI we all know how twisted charges get and how easy it is to not tell the whole truth. Pick up a dirty nail and all of a sudden your in jail for touching a freaking historic nail. #TellTheTruth


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