BACKGROUND MOTIVES: Bundy Ranch Supporter Shiloh Ryder Reveals Agenda of AFP’s Mollie Dunn Powell

mollie dunn powell

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

A Bundy Ranch supporter who snarks on Facebook as “Shiloh Ryder”, drew a little too much attention to herself, blowing her own cover, by initiating a noxious hate-fest in an April 13, Facebook event she created to attack  myself, and Challenging the Rhetoric podcast guest, Mark McConnell.

Although I had been blocked from the page she created, when she created it, within minutes my inbox was flooded with screen caps and archive links of what was going on. Mixed in with these, were a few links to another woman, Mollie Dunn Powell, girlfriend of another Bundy Patriot, AP III%’er, Pat Ryder.

It turns out, “Shiloh” and Powell are one and the same.

Although many people use alternative names in social media for various reasons, a quick search of Powell, was all that was necessary to immediately understand hers. Powell’s motivation runs deep, as a Koch infused Florida field director in Hillsborough, Pasco and Hernando counties, on the payroll with Americans for Prosperity (AFP).

The Koch Brothers, are said to be funding the Bundy land grab, making it apparent what fuels Powell’s bottom line.

mollie dunn powell linkedin profile afp shiloh ryder

IMAGE SOURCE: Screencap LinkedIn

In a LinkedIn bio summary, Powell says,

I am fighting on the front lines to preserve liberty and economic freedom in America.”

Further down her business profile, under her current employment listing with AFP, Powell adds,

I lead teams of grassroots activists who will mobilize as needed for policy battles and political issues on the local, state and national levels. I coordinate and host outreach events, bringing in citizens who are new to the Patriot Movement.”

I didn’t know Facebook events, were the “front lines” in the fight for freedom, especially when the “outreach”comes off as bad as a drunken text in the middle of the night.

Here are a few examples of Powell  and her “grassroots activists” in action, out there on the Facebook “front lines”, last Wednesday night after the show.

Powell is also responsible for a Facebook group bashing award-winning, Oregonian reporter, Les Zaitz, for his coverage of the January Oregon Standoff outside of Burns, Oregon and the shooting of rancher, LaVoy Finicum. Due to Powell, Zaitz was subjected to doxxing; the nefarious practice of publishing identifying and personal information, including ones home location and/or that of their families. Most of the post threads include comments threatening lives and or jobs, or alluding to some other harm.

Facebook graciously removed the page about Zaitz after many reported it afoul.

Since the April 13 CTR show and Powell’s Facebook event debacle that backfired, she has taken down several of her Facebook personas and entities, including “Shiloh” and of course, her real profile.

You can get a taste of some of the rhetoric and vitriol she is known for in THIS archive of “Shiloh’s” page before it was removed. Notice, she is ready to drink at 8:39 am?  Maybe we should all just say, “Cheers!” to the AFP, and let her drown them all in her sorrows.



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26 responses to “BACKGROUND MOTIVES: Bundy Ranch Supporter Shiloh Ryder Reveals Agenda of AFP’s Mollie Dunn Powell

  1. I especially love this from her archived FB page:Shiloh Ryder “You know the great thing about liberals? They hate guns. They have no use for guns. They don’t own guns. And they are usually weak from being vegan. smile emoticon They can’t even run fast. They’re pasty and their stupid Birkenstocks won’t stay on. And the worst? They smell of Pachouli” Lol Lol LolLol! I am a liberal, I legally own and shoot guns, I grow most of my own food, meat included. I could outlast her any day on a steep mountain trail and and my hiking boots fit real nice. I do admit to using a light bit of Patchouli though! I am pretty sure when the s##t hits the fan, as patriots are fond of saying, I will be way ahead of little Miss Shiloh Ryder Mollie Powell and most of her friends! 😊I just couldn’t help myself, I HAD to comment.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. So because she supports the Bundies and criticizes the FBI you write an article on her? Ill tell you what how about you contact your FBI field office near you and ask them to contact the FBI field office near me. Im still waiting to hear back from the 2nd agend a freind associated with the FBI verified I could not trust my local police with a political land deal. One in which a now former politician who decided as well to get ride of his lawyers lisc. As well as his buddy an NSA Intel officer/developer who tried to take my property a few years before the Bundies ran into problems. As for the FBI that lied, I had a high level retired LEO friend verify I needed to start questioning thier politics in the situation, the last agent tjat told me I was being hit from so many angles and its complicated. After the last fire set next to my place and the 3 previous times my neighbors house was set on fire my friends PMCs got involved to put an end to it. The FBI ran. Tell your contacts Id love to pass on the library on communication between the agents and others showing the BS that goes along with this stuff. Or you can contact NSA that had to do a background study then cover it up. They know me I’ve done plenty of work for them. Did I draw attention to myself? Well lets hope your blog is important enough to gain attention larger then seinor advisors who have apologized told me there are only a few bad apples left in the system but I have not heard back from. Probably because they figured out the who tree is rotted. Lets hope your blog is more import then the $5,000.00 rewards I use to post to try and get the news to show up only to be told sorry we cant help you because whose involved. Or just be the discredit department for the agencies that employ you. Balls in your court.

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  3. Cheri Martin, this is the 2nd personal attack you’ve launched. I wonder Cheri, you condemn others for “attacking” on facebook, yet you use this forum to destroy and slander. Does this make you any better than them? I think not. You seem like a desperate attention whore.


    • Get the name right, or not at all. Oh, that’s right, you all are pretty loose with the facts. “Jen” aka Mollie…Sarah was not attacked. You Mollie, exposed yourself in order to attack me and McConnell, and even Melvin. Give it a rest. Your agenda is very clear. BTW, readers, you can find “Jen” on Twitter here


  4. I’m still alive as is my family, my neighbors and thier children that were attacked. On the contrary having friends with the incriminating evidence ready to be released and have proven it. It seams going public and having the ability to touch the Untouchables is the only way to fight and win. As the state tax division and IRS discovered years ago after showing the infromation and hearing the recordings left for me on them and others being used against my family and myself, they decided it was best to put it behind them. Not being an obedient little peasant is somthing they don’t like. This is year 10 ive been posting this infromation seams to do me well.

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  5. See Cheri thats the nice thing about social media. When you’ve had your life and families lives threatened and agencies prove connected or ineffective. You can post the infromation, undeniable proof etc and the news can’t control it.

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  6. I have additional screen shots that show her level of disgrace. She is a classless, vile human being. She is also a proven liar. She is a “cancer” to all that know her and many that don’t.
    She only likes the facts that serve her purpose. She goes out of her way to discredit people who are objective to certain situations that she doesn’t agree with. When she doesn’t agree, she retaliates on a personal level. Facts are a pest to her. She has an agenda and it’s anything that can further her “career”.

    Keep up the good work!

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