Part 2: The Strange Case of Mollie Dunn Powell: Serour-ity House Subterfuge

mollie dunn powell

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

On April 21, Mike Serour hosted Mollie Dunn Powell aka “Shiloh Ryder” and Lazaro Ecenarro on his YouTube stream to discuss me and this alleged shooting claimed by Mollie, and of course to bad-mouth Oregonian reporter, Les Zaitz as well, basically accusing him of cyber stalking her.

POWELL <wrapping up her delusive claims of Zaitz>:

” … Um, it’s gone south from there to the point that Cheri Roberts, or whatever her real name is on, Cheri Williams <my maiden name>, I don’t know what it is. Um, had a 2-hour show last night <it was 1-hour> apparently devoted just to me and I had some friends sending me some information. But, I’ll stop there and let you ask me questions if you want to.”


“WOW so Ch-Cheri Roberts ended up … wha-what, if you don’t mind me asking, what time was her broadcast? <-7pm Pacific>


“You know, I don’t know. I don’t even know what city she’s in, so I’m in Florida and there, yanno the time change, I don’t know … where she is.”


“Well the reason I asked is because I wonder if it was conveniently done while we were all in the Judge Darby press conference.

Powell corrects Serour, advising him my radio show is on a set day and time every week. <Weds. 6-7p Pacific Time> They continue to try to figure out the time difference between eveyone. Powell admits she listened to the April 13 show with Lee and McConnell. The show that started her on her whole downward spiral.

Serour still tries too imply I chose to do the April 20 show because it was convenient while they were all busy. “They all”? I actually giggle snorted on that one as I listened to his drivel. I am unsure who he thinks, “they all”, are?

He moves away from Powell’s gun fantasy for a bit to accuse me of infiltrating the 9/11 Truth movement “2-years” ago. These “investigators” really need to take some classes or something. They haven’t presented a fact yet.

Since Serour, turns the topic away from Powell’s spurious nonsense to try to dig on me for something else, I will take a moment to address the lies he stated before we all get back to Powell …

9/11 Truth


“I can tell you personally that I’ve had experiences with Cheri Roberts 2-years ago, um when she was in, she was infiltrating the 9/11 Truth movement groups as well. Now it seems as though she’s kinda passed on that, and has now moved on to the Patriot movement. So, oh, it seemed that, the only difference is now I notice she’s got a blog and a show.  before it just used to be done on social media, and Facebook, and things like that.”

I am one of the original “9/11 Truthers”, long before Serour even knew what it was and more than a decade before the “2-years ago” he claims I infiltrated the movement. Simple Google searches prove him wrong in seconds, for those inclined to actually seek truth.

In addition, Challenging the Rhetoric is not my first show (or blog). Again simple searches people.

Here’s a few easy examples:

By 2004 (3 short years after the horrific events of September 11th) I had already connected with Project Censored; flying, then director, Peter Phillips, on MY dime, from California to Oregon (where I lived at the time) to do a “The Top 25 Censored News Stories of 2004/2005” book signing and lecture about the Project for a New American Century, at one of the country’s largest book stores, the infamous, Powell’s City of Books, in Portland.

cheri roberts project censored 1

It was those of us, the original Truthers, who mistakenly lifted the likes of Alex Jones, whom I have marched with at Ground Zero in NY. It is no secret, I am far from a Jones fan now, although at the time, he was all we had that was talking 9/11 and none of us knew anything about podcasting.

In 2006, I joined Loose Change’s Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, and others, for their silent march at Ground Zero in NY. This was not my first time traveling to both NY and DC. This is me there for the Loose Change event, with my 9-foot banner that has been signed by hundreds of Truth activists from around the world as well as a small handful of NYPD and FDNY members.

my banner

For the record, Avery, Rowe and I are friends to this day. They just spent several days in my home last June filming me for an upcoming documentary called, Black and Blue, about excessive force and police brutality.

By the way, that is Rowe in the green lights. Fun times, hilarious story, but, jumping back to 2007 …

In December, 2007 I returned to California in time to specifically participate in what was supposed to be a  9/11 Truth rally and march in Laguna, on the 6th. It turned out to be one of the very first, “Tea Party” events in the United States.

Many 9/11 Truthers had gravitated towards Dr. Ron Paul who was running for higher office, because he was specifically dangling the promise of a new 9/11 investigation; and of course, to “End the Fed”.

In that video, I am with my then boyfriend, known as Drew Piper at the time <not his real name, he was an off the gridder>, and some friends. Abby Martin, is one of them. Piper went on to Nevada, after we parted ways, and built the Oath Keepers website. I have no idea what name he uses now or whether or not he continues to maintain their site. I do know he is happily married, and finally a proud daddy.

My relationship with Piper is what specifically led me deeper into extreme thinking and sovereign citizenry. As a result, I actually went off the grid myself, for several years. Getting back on, was a bitch. I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone after having gone through it.

A month later, January 26-28, 2008, I was invited by Project Censored‘s Phillips, to Santa Cruz, California at the “Publicizing Truths with Consequences” media summit. On one of the two nights, Phillips arraigned a dinner that he and I hosted for many of the prominent summit attendees. I had pre-arrainged and conducted multiple on camera interviews with people like, then Presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney, one of few outspoken political voices on 9/11 at the time; and former WWll and CIA veteran, Ray McGovern. It was an amazing event filled with people I already knew, and many more that, to this day, I am still close friends or colleagues with.

I wrote this about the event and it’s attendees once I’d arrived home after the summit.

cheri roberts project censored santa cruz

Followed by this in February, 2008.

cheri 911 mckinney

In 2010, I attended the wedding of one of AE9/11 Truth founder, Richard Gage’s, best friends in Laguna, California … as Gage’s date.

Gage and I had been good friends for many years at that point. When he had first arrived on the Truth scene, it was me that contacted him and arraigned an on camera interview to be conducted by members of We are Change LA, before that original group had split up. Gage invited us into his home for this taping. He was still married at the time, and few people knew who he was, but his website had been included in a list of terrorist websites that was presented to Congress, and that was the point of the interview.

Here are some additional pictures from that night.

And here he is again with me at the January 2008 media summit, which he attended at my invite, driving down in his motor home.


The Moral of THAT Story?

Serour has no idea what he’s talking about, yet pretends to be feeding truth to his listeners.

With just a few items, and a few minutes searching online, I have thoroughly disproved Serour’s claims of me “infiltrating the 9/11 Truth movement”, ever, let alone “2 years ago”.

What he is actually referring to is a situation I had a couple of years or so ago, with a nutcase named Claudio Marty, who specifically targeted me because of my deep involvement and connection in the Truth movement and those most people look at as the leaders. I have already written prolifically about and documented thoroughly; my encounter with Marty, including the part about him wanting to “lick” my teeth and fraud the Truth movement to “make a living”.

You know, those same teeth this foul group of people seem to be skewering themselves on lately.

cheri roberts claudio

And, to be clear, I have not changed my opinion about what happened on 9/11; nor have I stopped bringing awareness to it and things like the Fealgood Foundation & 9/11 first responders.

Over the years, the Truth movement became more of a ghetto filled with conspiracy pornographers and K-Mart rifled militia wannabes and I was being swept up in their lunacy, just like Powell’s pew pew party Patriots are now,  so far removed from what we were all … really supposed to be doing.

… And then, I really did wake up.

Now Back to Mollie

In the rest of the feed, Powell, Serour, and Ecenarro, perpetuate the the shooting lie. Powell claims her job is threatened over the article I wrote on the 18th. She also admits she was in constant contact with many people that night telling them what was going on.

Which, as it turns out, was absolutely nothing, but she needs everyone to believe her, so she then goes into great detail about this non event, describing the scene as the purported action is taking place. She talks about her kids and I truly do hope she didn’t really intentionally freak her kids out. She says her son slept through it.

Powell says the sheriffs did not find a casing, or a hole, anywhere. They even asked her, according to her, if she was sure it wasn’t a car backfiring.  She touts her gun knowledge and then goes on …


“If you have half a brain in your head, and you’re thinking about this, you’re like, is this connected to the fact that, I have really stepped out there. Yanno, or is somebody just freaking the F out that there’s this article about me, and it looks like I’m, I’m doing stuff that I shouldn’t be doing, or betraying the Patriot movement, or I pissed off the left. Whatever. When you write inflammatory stuff, there are crazy people out there that end up looking like, uh, yanno, Psyco-tropic eyed nutjobs in mugshots. So, I don’t know who did it. So that’s where we are today. Now last night, the radio show that she has, um she said … “

Here is where Powell has a semi-genuine beef, although the end result is the same, as you will see.

On the April 20, CTR show, which was an hour long (not two hours as she claims on Serour’s show), I did in fact say that there was no call, and there were no sheriffs. At that point, Powell had not texted or posted anything besides accusations, a few dark pictures, and a tall tale.

As a direct result, of me calling her out on my show, by the following morning, Powell began dispersing a screenshot of her phone’s 911 call.

mollie 911 call.jpg

Which was quickly followed by this information …

  1. Hillsborough County Sheriff 813-247-8000 Shot fired report 16-264558 4/18/16 Report to be picked up Friday 4/22/16 to scan and submit to AFP Security Chief, Scott Chambers

  2. Les Zaitz Harassment Report 16-257632 Filed 4/16/16 Currently transferred to Grant County Sheriff Office, Oregon

The following day she produced a snippet of what she alleged to be the real incident “report” itself and shared it with her minions to populate their devices and platforms with it.

mollie dunn powell police report image

Powell seemed unable to produce an actual incident report for anyone — including her boyfriend, but there was now at least a potential “report” number to investigate further.

And So, I did

Unfortunately, the people mentioned in this Mollie Dunn Powell series spent copious hours formulating blog posts, social media posts and YouTube videos. Not just spreading HER lies, but reinforcing them with their vitriol, sowing further the accusations and outright libelous slander.

Had they done what I’d done. Twice. Well, they could have saved a lot of time, effort and problems, not to mention potential charges themselves.

See, this time when I called with that number, HCSO’s Dispatcher #129, was able to tell me that, yes,  Powell did call their office that evening and they did show up at her home to check out the situation.

But, according to #129, that incident report snippet and number Powell is sharing everywhere, is not in fact a report at all. It is only a reference number to her logged call. In fact, there is absolutely NO sheriff’s report of the incident at all.

They said there was no report, because they didn’t file one, because there was nothing to investigate and there was no investigation going on.

According to HCSO, when they arrived at the scene, they found no evidence whatsoever to back any of Powell’s allegations. There were no other witnesses to activity or the sound of gunshots. And as Powell herself admits on Serour’s show, there was no buttet hole or even a casing, anywhere to be found.

I asked why wouldn’t there still be a report if someone reported a shooting?

I was rather surprised at their answer, especially because they record all incoming calls, but #129 said after patrols arrived to check it all out, they deemed Powell to have, and I quote them, “mental health issues”.

The reason Powell took so long to offer up proof of the incident is because there is no report for her to provide anyone. The incident happened only in Powell’s own imagination. Powell’s irresponsible and lazy friends and followers, like Serour, are too aroused by their own click-bait assumptions, to make a less than 5-minute phone call.

It should be mentioned, Serour also did not read or present to listeners, the article in question. He did not tell his listeners that nowhere in it, or any other article, had I ever exposed Powell’s location as they have all claimed.

A Serour-ity Sister’s Gitchy Gitchy Ya Ya Ya

In a livestream the day the article came out, also without having read it, Serour’s YouTube partner, Eric “Spitfire” went on the attack as if there was something actually wrong with the article I wrote.

With it on his screen, you could hear his excitement, thinking he was going to have some big Cheri Roberts “Aha” moment. Instead, it was him that was taken aback, and impressed, by the information contained when he finally scrolled through, reading it live on his show. Once he got to the Koch Brothers and AFP part of the story, he could not contain his own knee-jerk reaction which was,


“This is HUGE frikkin information!”

Powell made up the shooting story in order to incite people and get sympathy from them, so they would rally around her after the article came out, and she was feeling butt-hurt. What the article revealed really IS a big deal to many. Most liberals, and conservatives alike, cannot stand the Koch brothers and what they stand for. As you hear in both Spitfire’s video as well as Call of Duty Goddesses.

I don’t blame Powell for being emotional. I do however blame her for creating the very atmosphere of drama that she has caught herself, and a bunch of other people, up in.

Although no one “put a hit” on her, as her good buddy Ecenarro and others are insinuating, and no one shot at her house according to the sheriff’s office … but yeh, in her mind, she is quite literally fighting for life because as she says, she has “no life outside of this Patriot movement”. The very movement she just spent more than a week recruiting to play a part in her malicious mischief.

In Serour’s video, Powell challenges me to post the screenshots and other information that I have. Well, message to Ms. Powell, I do not need to provide any of you my “work product” and reveal any of my sources. That, unlike my article exposing who you really are and who you work for, would be unethical. And since you say in this vid, that I am your “enemy”, while you worry about exactly what I have turned over, let me remind you of that old saying about keeping your enemies closer.

The rest of the video is just more of the same with a cameo appearance by Maureen Peltier aka SSG Moe, and others. The audio quality is bad and not worth my time for the purpose of this article. The entire audio has been downloaded and archived.

Friends of Powell who participated in her actions need to call the sheriff themselves. Then, they need to start figuring out how they are going to protect themselves from the damage Powell has caused.

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