Part 3: The Strange Case of Mollie Dunn Powell: Gods and Goddesses or If Koalemos Were a Woman

mollie dunn powell

Part 3: The Strange Case of Mollie Dunn Powell: Gods and Goddesses or If Koalemos Were a Woman

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

With Monday’s #CTR article, titled, BACKGROUND MOTIVES: Bundy Ranch Supporter Shiloh Ryder Reveals Agenda of AFP’s Mollie Dunn Powell static on her screen shortly after going live, YouTuber user, Call of Duty Goddess, hosted a livestream with Vicky Davis and John Smith1 (who is Lazaro Ecenarro), but because he is listed in the vid as “John Smith1” I will use that for this article.

Goddess and Davis are difficult [for me, and anyone else who is not a typical listener] to determine from one another. It may be vice versa, but I believe the louder/clearer audio of the two in this vid, is Davis. I will refer to both females as Goddess/Davis, since it is Goddesses channel.

The entire show was built around Smith’s reporting  that Molly Dunn Powell, had a drive-by shooting incident at her home and it was due to my article. He could not answer any of the questions that were directed at him in relation to legitimate details of Powell’s claims.

In a near hour long stream the three, along with their commentators, chatroom guests, etc., tried their damnedest to create the perception that I, my show, and this particular article referenced, were responsible for what Powell was claiming to have occurred.

Here is a transcript of the first portion of the show …

SMITH (stating he was in a private message with Powell at the time of the “shooting”):

“The sheriff from Tampa (FL) came out there and took the report and started investigating. And as we know now (Powell), is in an undisclosed area and off facebook.”


“It’s nerve wracking when you think about it, because here you are trying to what who posted information. Uh, uh, uh your personal information on an article and we already know more or less who, who . Uh, but the other thing is, what was their motive behind it. Whadda they, whadda they expected to happen?”


“Do you know what, uh, have you read the post  where her information was released?”


” Uh yah, actually I forwarded it to uh Lady Goddess, which we ended up giving it to Professor Doom. Is it Doom or Mike? Uh, when we went on air that day? So, yes, I have the information, I’ll forward it to you. I’ll be more than happy to forward it to you. You guys can put it there and  uh …”

As pointed out, Call of Duty Goddess already had the Powell article, in front of her and all of her viewers. No one bothered to read or show the full article and highlight in anything in it that actually backed up their bogus claims. Smith claimed I published Powell’s personal information. He  claims he read the article in question.

He tells Goddess and Davis he is taking screenshots of his private messages with Powell that night and sending them over. Smith has now confessed to providing all this information to Professor Doom’s crew and others. Further proliferating the false “evidence”.


“Thing is, at the end of the day is, we want the truth. Everybody needs to know the truth. It doesn’t matter, uh yanno, regardless of race, religion, uh you know, gender, uh political party affiliation. The truth has to come out, I mean, we’re both, we’re bringing screwed no matter what. On, on all directions. And this is what the American people need to know. We cannot be divided, uh because at the end of the day uh, the Koch Brothers, individuals like the Koch brothers and individuals like George Soros … uhh Kate Brown, Steven E. Grasty, uhh what do ya call it? … <continues on with Lazarro’s SovCit list of those they want to hang for treason> … “


“Yeh, uh …. I recall reading that article. My impression was that Mollie was working with the Koch brothers . Is that wrong? Did I get that wrong?”


“I uh, that’s a good question for Mollie. I cannot answer that question. I haven’t even read the entire article. I just saw her name, with her, with her, alias name Shiloh and that’s as much as much as I needed to know. And then, I looked at the name on the article and that’s where I just stopped and said OK , this is legitimate. Which is Shelly’s or Shirley’s name on it so I just stopped there and I’m like, OK. Uh, when we were in the process of trying to find the information of who uh who was release, releasing her personal information … But I didn’t go any further than that … I didn’t, didn’t start digging into if shh if the Koch Brothers actually hired her or not. I, I didn’t get into … my, my thing was more, her, how did her personal information come out on a Facebook … “

Goddess/Davis says she “recalls” reading the article that is in front of her face.

After Smith’s litany about the importance of truth, stating he and they only want the truth, he then admits… he didn’t read the article after all. Yet, he continues to claim I released Powell’s personal information in it this article he still had not read.

The discussion briefly turns to politics and the Koch Brothers. None of them (like most Americans) are in support of the Koch Brothers, however, Goddess/Davis will later reveal that she herself is an AFP (Koch Brothers) volunteer saying that until this article, she did not know AFP was Koch’s baby.

Powell cannot make that same claim, as an employee.

They quickly move back to the article on Powell along with her claims of being shot at …


“So, this, this shooting thing … it scared the living daylights out of her. You guys truly believe that it’s connected to this article <this is a statement, not a question> …  What in this article makes you believe that she was shot at because of this article and who wrote this article?”

Remember, she already said she read it and it has been sitting in front of her face since they started their stream with my name front and center.


“Whu, well number one is she never had any prior incidents … til the article was released.So, it’s kinda coincidence, uh well <giggle> … that depends on who ya who ya ask, it can define coincidence <Goddess/Davis verbally says “right” in agreement with Smith who continues … > But after article was uh, was uh, released then, there was gunshots fired at her, at her location. Uh, so, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to put two and two together, but if you really want to dissect a fine motive, well, well, I mean the, you can find, you can find where the motives at, but I mean  uh on April 18 of 2016 uh Cheri <he gets my name right suddenly> puts out information on Shiloh.”

GODDESS/DAVIS <talking over Smith>:

“Cheri who, who’s the Cheri?”

My name is still in front of her face.


“Cheri’s the one that ah, basically interviewed Mike <he means Mark> McConnell. Uh, bout, I think about a week or so or something … I believe?”


“Yah! Challenging the Rhetoric, her little, um, I like to call it, Channeling the Oregonian Rheta-rhetoric. And Cheri … what’s her last name that wrote this article?”

It’s still right in front of her.


“Uh, I do not have her last name. Uh …


“OK and uh that article gave Shiloh’s address? Is that what it did? It gave her personal information?”

I thought she said she read it? By the way, it’s still in front of her.


“Correct. It, it gave personal information. Because the uh information I was getting from Shiloh was asking me on, on the Facebook information which I already forwarded to you, uh you know, relea…releasing her personal information … her address, and uhhhh and during that whole process, is when obviously, uh, her house was uh, uh, sho-shot at.”

Although it is still right there in front of her, she does not show her viewers where in the article this purported “personal information” of Powell’s is, knowing few of their viewers will ever actually go and look for themselves.

Just like none of them called the HCSO to inquire with authorities and verify Powell’s allegations of being shot at, were true. Even Powell’s own boyfriend, APlll%er Mike aka “Pat Ryder”, has refused to verify her claim.

By the way, Smith says he is going to forward Goddess/Davis the article … that same one that is already … and still in front of their face.

GODDESS/DAVIS <not even 12-minutes into the discussion>:

“Well, I’m going with you on this, HA! Two hours after her personal information, her house being shot at … yes, yes, I think, I I think I’m in your camp with that. It’s pretty obvious, um … “

This judge and jury claim Powell’s personal information was published by me. I ask … where ? Why didn’t any of them show you where?

Because it didn’t exist.

Just like Powell’s shooting didn’t exist.

And, just like no one has bothered to call the HCSO to verify Powell’s claim, no one bothered to check the article either. And if they did, no one bothered to point out this broadcast’s specious and litigious lies.

Instead, people consciously decided to share those lies, all while professing to “only want the truth”.


“You know, I can’t say, I can’t say that she’s the one who pulled the trigger … I can’t say say that shes the one that actually, uh, had a monetary gain, or had or had and agenda, but I mean at the end of the day I uh when you release somebody’s personal information, and especially in a hot topic like this, I mean what do you expect to happen? So, it’s like somebody, by accident, releasing your personal information and uh well, let’s say someone returns the favor. Uh it can go both ways. I mean <now basically talking directly to me> all you did was stir up a hornet’s nest and um, some people like to retaliate, some people don’t, some people just wait for their time and um ya you you opened a can of worms you didn’t want to open. I, I that’s uh uh sadly, it comes to that because no different from the mob. I mean you go then and mess with the mob, humph, what do you expects gonna happen?”

Smith has now openly threatened me specifically, “mob” style, on their show. Goddess/Davis announces she is going to “mess with” us (?) more, but they go off on a tangent for a bit because her search proved me right.

Of course never once, just like Spitfire, did Goddess/Davis/Smith reverse track on their attack, accusations, or threats towards me, even when my article’s information proved to be true during both of their livestreams.

However, in both cases (and so many others that have spun off of this), none of any of their accusations been proven to be true. They haven’t even provided their readers, listeners, followers, any evidence to back a single claim and those claiming to want “truth” have no problem overlooking it.


“Well, here, uh, I’m gonna mess with them even more. I just looked up, uh, I looked at the link you gave me and it shows Mollie Powell being, uh, connected with Americans for Prosperity. That’s where the Koch Brothers connection comes in. And so, I did a search on that. I just kinda scanning through here and I uh, I remembered uh, a story … “

She trails off into a story about a GOP Chairman. This is where she discloses she too is affiliated with AFP.

What she still doesn’t disclose is, the article they are presenting has no personal information belonging to Powell. The screenshot embedded in the piece is one of Powell’s very public to all [at least at the time of writing] LinkedIn account.

The article I wrote and published included no phone number, nor an address of any kind. There was nothing in it that identified Powell’s home location in any way. Ironically, in trying to provide her sheriff’s office with enough information to vet her shooting claim, I discovered that anyone can do a simple Google search for Powell and quickly find all those “personal information” things on sites like Family Tree Now and other genealogy type sites.

All of that conversation above and they aren’t even a full 15-minutes into their broadcast.

They go off talking about a few other issues related to their cause and the State of Oregon as a side bar. Right about the 28:40 mark, Goddess/Davis starts in on Oregon’s Harney County’s Judge Grasty and Sheriff, David Ward; Governor Kate Brown; and Oregonian reporter, Zaitz and his wife … accusing all, in a blanket statement, of giving people’s private information out, calling it, “Outrageous”.

Then they get back to discussing Powell’s shooting claim.


“Is there an investigation right now into this by the local officials?”


“Uh from our conversation <he and Powell>, ye-yes there is, ahh but uh she she left her premises, so. I believe the only ones that do have access to that uh is the sheriff department there and any other offic-officials, uh uh I’m assuming. I mean obviously when an investigation happens or is being conducted, different agencies come in and help out with the investigation. So, I guess, uh the only thing we can do is wait and see what happens, so uh obviously ballistics. They’ll probably find out what caliber was used and … “

GODDESS/DAVIS <interrupting Smith>:

“Did they find the bullet?


“Uh we didn’t, after that time when uh when shots were fired she went down on the floor, like I said earlier. She called uh uh nine eleven then uh uh she started uh what do you call it? Went down her neighbors obviously her neighbors went came over and knocked on her door and the she then uh cops were already uh the cops were there already … and the … she goes to take pictured … “

GODDESS/DAVIS <interrupting again>:

“So it was, it was more than one shot fired? How many shots were fired? Do you know?”


“Uh she, no she, she just said that uh uh ‘my house is being shot at’, that’s as much as I know. Uh I cannot say how many bullets accurately, so and uh I can’t accurately state where was it, where the house was hit, but the sheriffs were there, uh uh, neighbors did come out, and there’s an investigation going on right now.”

Smith insists there is an investigation. Smith says her neighbors came knocking on her door. How does Smith know any of this? Because that is what Powell told him occurred. What Powell didn’t tell him, which is what I already proved this past Wednesday with a simple call to her sheriff’s office, is that there is NO investigation whatsoever. There were NO witnesses too anything Powell claimed, including any “neighbors”. There was NO evidence, of ANY kind, that substantiated anything Powell told the sheriffs when they responded.

The event, as I have said repeatedly, NEVER happened.

Smith tells the ladies you don’t eat where you shit, but what he means is, you don’t shit where you eat. Unfortunately these people are shitting all over the internet, which by the way is where they make their living, whether that be financial or solely a main-lined ego feed they derive from one another like porn junkies.

Yeh, so much for that truth, they say they want, eh?

I won’t transcribe the rest of their, to use their word, “outrageous” slander. You can check it out yourself. If it drops offline, I did download the full audio and have it archived.

Call to Hillsborough County Sheriff & Dispatcher #129

Unfortunately, the people mentioned in this Mollie Dunn Powell series spent copious hours formulating blog posts, social media posts and YouTube videos. Not just spreading HER lies, but reinforcing them with their vitriol, sowing further the accusations and outright libelous slander.

Had they done what I’d done. Twice. Well, they could have saved a lot of time, effort and problems, not to mention potential charges themselves.

See, this time when I called with that number, HCSO’s Dispatcher #129, was able to tell me that, yes,  Powell did call their office that evening and they did show up at her home to check out the situation.

But, according to #129, that incident report snippet and number Powell is sharing everywhere, is not in fact a report at all. It is only a reference number to her logged call. In fact, there is absolutely NO sheriff’s report of the incident at all.

They said because there was no report because they didn’t file one because there was nothing to investigate and there was no investigation going on.

According to HCSO, when they arrived at the scene, they found no evidence whatsoever to back any of Powell’s allegations. There were no other witnesses to activity or the sound of gunshots. And as Powell herself admits on Serour’s show, there was no buttet hole or even a casing, anywhere to be found.

I asked why wouldn’t there still be a report if someone reported a shooting?

I was rather surprised at their answer, especially because they record all incoming calls, but #129 said after patrols arrived to check on Powell, they deemed Powell to have, and I quote them, “mental health issues”.

Friends of Powell who participated in her actions need to call the sheriff themselves. Then, they need to start figuring out how they are going to protect themselves from the damage Powell has caused.

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