Official Documentation on Bundy Patriot Movement’s SIG20 Shiloh Ryder aka AFP’s Mollie Dunn Powell

mollie dunn powell clear image

IMAGE SOURCE: Screencap LinkedIn Public Acct.

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

On the evening of April 18, Valrico, Florida widow, Mollie Kathleen Dunn Powell, a field director for Americans for Prosperity (AFP), made a bogus 911 call prompting local authorities to respond to what she claimed was a shooting at her affluent golf course home. As I had previously reported, follow-up inquiries with the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office (HCSO), the responding agency to the 911 call, proved that Powell’s claims were deceitful and un-believed, even by them.

Not one of Powell’s friends, family members or followers, including her boyfriend, took the time or effort to vet her shooting claim.

Powell and company, instead initiated a coordinated campaign to implicate two reporters that have been covering the January armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge , and it’s aftermath, including 27 co-defendants. Myself, an independent Oregon journalist and online radio talk show host, and award-winning Oregonian investigative journalist, Les Zaitz.

Ammon Bundy and 26 co-defendants  are awaiting a September trial in Oregon’s federal court. He and others are also facing a February 2017 trial in Nevada for their volatile and heavily armed confrontation with BLM, and other law enforcement, during the 2014 Bundy Ranch, Bunkerville incident.

Powell is a very public supporter of the Bundy family, their followers and their cause.

On the 18th, while Powell was actively engrossed in digital communications with friends and followers. she announced that “shots were fired” “at her house”. One of the people she was speaking with at the time of her announcement was a man named Jesus Lazaro Ecenarro, who also uses the YouTube handle of “JohnSmith1”, whom most just call “Laz”. Ecenarro stated on several YouTube videos that he was messaging with Powell on Facebook when her [fictitious] incident occurred.

Ecenarro’s documented criminal court records for abusing women in front of children (among other things), is extensive. Ecenarro thinks he is, and presents himself as, a legal Constitutional scholar and “citizen judge”. He is a dangerous and violent buffoon who has become one of the leading courtroom and social media faces of Arnold Law Firm (ALF) attorney, Mike Arnold, and his crowdsourcing efforts on behalf of jailed Oregon Standoff, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge armed takeover leader, Ammon Bundy. ALF is currently battling at least six ethics complaints against their firm stemming from the Bundy issue.

Prior to the public claims against myself and Zaitz made by Powell and her followers, a small handful of them, along with her, actively participated in a private Twitter chat group on the evening the shooting incident was supposed to have occurred and literally conspired to frame us both for an alleged shooting that never happened. Her followers blindly believed her and were and still are, wrongly seeing red.

This group of people even momentarily pointed fingers, yet again, at citizen militia leader, AZlll%’s, Mark McConnell, who was the guest on the April 13, Challenging the Rhetoric podcast episode, that launched Powell’s nefarious smear campaign on me. She had already been actively harassing and lambasting Zaitz by this time. But it was in that initial attack that she first exposed who she really was.

Their conspiratorial talk began with the first comment, by Twitter user, ProudRWNJ @RW_Hammer, seconds after Powell typed in claiming “shots fired” at her house,

RW_Hammer is not the only user in the group that participated in this behavior as you can see. He is however the one, along with Powell,  followed by Ecenarro, who started the whole chain of events that followed.

Some of the others involved in this particular group chat conspiracy to frame us both, were:

  1. “Lana Cruz” Luana Elliot @Lana4Libertyt
  2. Melissa Langley @nevaduh_gal
  3. Former Congressional candidate, Teri Linnell aka MommaBear @linnell1636
  4. IrishCreeper @OutsiderCapital
  5. Daniel Belteshazzarr @dbelteshazzarr1
  6. @Pray_4_Real
  7. reporter Marjorie Haun @Reagan_Girl.


There were a few others, but these were the main players in the set-up. I will release other names and the social media IDs of others involved, including from Facebook, as I continue to vet each one and cover the story.

Powell was widely known in most social media and “Patriot” circles as, “Shiloh Ryder”. She is the girlfriend of APIII% Pat Ryder (not his real name). Ryder currently lives in California. He has told many people that he was at his own California home when Powell’s supposed shooting occurred in Florida.

Ryder may want to ask Powell who she claimed to be her “spouse” to the responding law enforcement as listed in the official document I have obtained from the Florida’s Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office, the agency who received and responded to Powell’s 911 call.

Was Ryder even aware she had another man in her home at that time of night close enough to her to be listed as her “spouse”? Is Powell cheating on Ryder, or has he been lying himself and was with Powell when this non-incident occurred? If Ryder was there, he has been lying to a lot of people.

If he wasn’t? Then his girlfriend has some explaining to do to him too.

mollie dunn powell police report image

IMAGE SOURCE: Mollie Kathleen Dunn Powell

The snippet Powell took a cell phone picture of, of the paper she told everyone, including Ryder, was the official incident report, as I pointed out, is not an incident report at all, but a reference number to her 911 call. It comes from the top corner of page-2 of THIS DOCUMENT that you can now read in it’s entirety.Because the document lists a “spouse” at the scene, is it any wonder she didn’t want Ryder to see the whole thing?

But, that’s another story altogether. What is important about Ryder, is distinguishing his part in her conspiracy.

Heavily playing on her supporter’s and their listener’s emotions, in a Google Hangout with YouTube broadcaster, Mike Serour, Powell appears to be choked up and near tears as she says her younger daughter was there with her, awake, and terrified on that night. In the report, you can also see that Powell clearly involved, at the very least , her 16-year old son, in her lunacy. I would not be surprised if child protective services decided to get involved because of this.

Neither Powell’s son, nor the person listed as her “spouse”, saw or heard a thing to corroborate Powell’s story. Nor did any of the neighbors. Powell claimed to authorities that the purported shooter was physically in her yard, on foot, not in a vehicle, when she claims there were shots fired. No foot prints, no shell casings, no bullet holes, no witness. Nothing was found, but a sick woman in need of mental help.

As I reported last week in a 3-part series on this issue (SEE: 123), the authorities told me they had found absolutely nothing to back up Powell’s claims of a shooting. The Sheriffs had ultimately deemed her, officially on paper, to have “mental health issues”, or as you see in the document, Powell is “SIG20“, which is cop-speak for “Cuckoo”.


Now, because of blind faith, misguided beliefs and questionable ulterior agendas and/or motives, Powell’s followers have perpetuated their own crimes on her behalf. Not only the federal crime of those who conspired to frame Zaitz and I, using digital technology, but for cyber stalking, harassment and false claims.

Ecenarro himself, went so far as to put out a sovereign citizen style call for my “citizen arrest”, i.e. kidnapping, up on Facebook creating a new page for trial by “citizen jury”, all while YouTube hopping to pander his and Powell’s specious lies.

In addition to amplifying the erroneous claim and inciting a wrongful and dangerous environment of threats directed at Zaitz, myself and others, there is also the civil suit side of things to consider, like; libelous defamation, which would encompass those like Teresa aka Call of Duty Goddess, Eric “Spitfire” Wilkinson, Mike Serour, Professor Doom, Betsy Ross Conservative, Veritas 13Fox, and others.

As I pointed out in previous reports on this issue, ignorance is not in fact accountable in a federal criminal court of law. All any of them had to do was make a simple phone call, to the HCSO to verify Powell’s claims before they proceeded with their conspiracy of harassment and slander.

Information, and thorough documentation, on those who participated in the initial conspiracy, and the continued perpetuation of such spurious claims, including the YouTube broadcasters and bloggers, have been turned over to the appropriate federal authorities in my jurisdiction. Local county authorities have also been enlightened.



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24 responses to “Official Documentation on Bundy Patriot Movement’s SIG20 Shiloh Ryder aka AFP’s Mollie Dunn Powell

  1. As serious as this is, I laughed when I read: ‘Powell is “SIG20“, which is cop-speak for “Cuckoo”.’ Along with the rest in that chat room conspiring against you and the others. I hope there will be legal consequences for their stunt.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL thanks and it depends on which of these nutcases you ask. They apparently think I am magic and can change my voice at will and everything else. LOL


  2. That has to be nerve-wracking, to say the least. Hope you are weathering this ok.

    They’re sort of like people who pick their noses while driving, they think no one can see. But all their ignorant hating is there on social media. Easy to collect evidence.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m fine. I am not afraid of these people. I am doing my job. And yes, at some point, for the sake of those already in jail that they profess to love, these people will realize, they are hurting, not helping them nor their attorneys.


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  14. 22 responses to this yet only 10 visible. I wonder what was on those 12 comments that went down the memory hole? Never mind I really don’t want to know. I will tell you what though Cheri your stance against the Bundy’s and the patriot movement is wrong on every possible level. It is sad to see that you are a government boot licker now. Maybe you always were? Anyway you censor everything you don’t like so that says it all really.


    • I haven’t censored a thing Adam. 🙂 Although I am quite sure you really prefer that I do…in fact you yourself have made that request of me if you remember correctly.

      As for the comments you think I am withholding, they aren’t actual comments, but instead pingbacks to my other articles. But gee you are such a brilliant researcher, how’d that slip past you?

      Now, go back to your cult because you are now so messed up in the head, you are far from the good guy you once were, and I once loved.


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