Bundy Supporter and The Voice of Idaho’s Michael Emry Arrested by FBI


By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

Bundy family supporter, the Voice of Idaho (TVoI) founder, Michael Emry, husband of Becky Hudson, was arrested today.

Emry is in part responsible for creating the Harney County Committee of Safety, telling The Rockland Times, that he …

became involved with the Hammond family to guide and assist them and the citizens of Harney County in putting together a County Committee of Safety to include III% militia groups (111% refers to the 3 percent of colonists who fought in the American Revolution), who in turn would provide enforcement capabilities to a people’s grand jury. “I also came as an imbedded reporter for the III% militia.

michael emry mugshot

Liberty movement leader, Maureen Peltier, who is known in Patriot circles as SSG Moe, posted to her Facebook page:

ssg moe michael emry

This was followed by a post on Facebook page, The Cowboy and the Lady:michael emry les zaitz

While they waited on the rumor mill, I picked up their slack and found some real facts.

michael emry fbi arrest

Emry’s booking report at Oregon’s Deschute’s County Jail says  he was arrested on an out of county warrant . The arresting authority was the FBI. He is currently at Deschutes County jail awaiting transport to an as yet identified county.

It is unknown to what extent, if any, of Emry’s audio/video equipment was confiscated. It is also unknown, at this time, whether the arrest is in relation to the January’s armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, or Emry’s ties to the events in Ada or Adams county relating to the #Justice4Jack campaign, or something else altogether. Ot regarding Brian Wood leaked info/doxing.

Emery spent copious amounts of time in Burns as well as at the refuge during the Oregon Standoff. Sometimes passing out pocket Constitutions to FBI agents. He has since relocated to John Day, Oregon, living in a trailer and launching a TVoI spinoff, The Voice of Grant County.

According to the Oregonian’s, Les Zaitz, Emry’s warrant was on a weapons charge.

According to a post this evening by Hudson:

Or, maybe he is responsible for this leaked document.

Here is the actual arrest warrant for Emry, who was picked up on a weapons charge. According to the FBI’s warrant, Emry was charged with unlawful possession of a machine gun that was not registered to him and unlawful possession of a firearm with an “obliterated” serial number, the FBI said in a statement Friday night. here is the FBI press release.

The MK was stolen by Emry from the Idaho shop he worked at, and Emry himself is said to have been the one that messed with the gun’s serial number. Jim Weaver, his former employer, had not been aware of the theft. he was shocked when he heard the news, as reported by OPB’s, Kimberley Freda,

He definitely took the gun — no question about that,” Weaver said. “Everything else is where it’s supposed to be, I checked the place. I have the serial number and my paperwork and all that, but I’m going, ‘Holy cow.’

Here is the FBIs picture of Emry’s 50 M2 from the arrest document.

micahel emry machine gun pic


Here is a live example of the capabilities of this machine-gun.

ATF conducted a records search of the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record (“NFRTR”) on Michael Ray Emry and learned that Emry has no firearms registered to him.

michael emry complaint

Emry is currently being held in the Deschutes County Jail awaiting transfer to Eugene on Monday, May 9th where he will make his initial appearance before a federal magistrate. Assistant United States Attorney Nathan Lichvarcik is prosecuting this case.

According to updated reporting by Zaitz,

FBI agents searching his trailer and vehicles found a fully automatic .50-caliber machine gun – a Browning M2 — under the bed in the trailer. Law enforcement sources also said agents found explosives.

Here is some very interestinThe Voice of Grant County speaks link to full post: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=934637753300478&id=901946629902924g legal background info on Emry when he was a Government witness. Emry has a documented history of bomb-making. Here is his actual testimony from 2004.

More details as they become available …

In the meantime, check out this vid where Spitfire says internet talk show host, Pete Santilli, checks everything he does with Emry first. Emry admits to having worked for the Feds. There is some pretty damning stuff recorded for prosperity. Santilli taught Spitfire well on how to incriminate ones self. Spitfire has an additional video, not posted here, that he has marked ‘private’ that is very inflammatory for them all, including Emry, who participated in an extortion attempt against a fellow YouTuber. The audio of which has been archived.



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19 responses to “Bundy Supporter and The Voice of Idaho’s Michael Emry Arrested by FBI

  1. Wow, some reporter you are!! I’m impressed with those highly honed skills. It’s not everyone who can repost Facebook status updates and snapshots of status updates! Did you ingeniously devise this method of reporting or did you acquire the knowledge while obtaining your impressive journalism degree? I’ll be anxiously waiting for more to follow. I’m on pins and needles!


  2. In the warrant link, Emory admits he stole this weapon from his employer in Idaho 6 weeks ago. His employer has an FFL, also a business in Idaho. The employer HAD to report a missing automatic weapon registered to him. I am seeing an outcry of injustice by a lot of people on social media, thinking he was arrested for reporting at MWR, or simply because he had a weapon. Did they not read the whole thing? IMO Emory, among other things is also a thief.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’d like to hear his confession.

    Oh sure, but it is ok for klinton to conduct international business with enemies of America on her illegal cpu server but the fbi is more concerned with some pleb with a machine gun.

    The fbi is illegitimate.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the fbi planted that machine gun on him in his trailer.


    • Rebecca, are you really as dumb as you come across as?? If so, how do you make it through the day without major assistance?
      You do not even possess the basic ability to even spell simple words, let alone construct a simple, understandable sentence.
      You flaunt your ignorance again by implying that the FBI planted that weapon under his bed?? Are you kidding me? As a FFL licensee for 20 years, let me obviously be the first to tell you just how incredibly naive and imbecilic your statement is!
      If you want to express yourself in a meaningful manner, one that might give you even the slightest hint of credibility, research your topic before you open your mouth or start typing!

      And don’t even bother to reply with any threats like your type tend to do. Invest that time in reading comprehension.


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