YouTuber Professor Doom says TVOI’s Michael Emry Bragged About “Ma Deuce” Machine Gun


By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

YouTuber, Phillip Danny Sass, aka Professor Doom, published a video claiming Michael Emry, The Voice of Idaho (TVOI) and The Voice of Grant County founder (TVOGC), who is currently in custody on weapons charges, had recently gotten into a heated exchange about weapons, on a conference call with 3-4 other people.

micahel emry machine gun pic


Sass does not make clear whether the “conference call” was a private group call or a Google Hangout type broadcast to the public, however, he does state that in the call Emry not only admitted to having the 50 M2 machine-gun, but also admitted to messing with it’s serial number.

Sass knew the person Emry had the confrontation with and contacted him/her for further details. Sass does not name the people in the conference call, including who Emry fought with. That person however, claims they did not drop the dime on Emry, and Sass apparently believes them according to his statement in his video.

Based on what the person in question said, Sass believes Emry spoke of the stolen and illegal machine-gun to others outside of that conference call as well.

You can see/hear what Sass had to say in this video:

One day Earlier …

What is interesting to point out, is Sass was on another YouTube ‘show’ with host Trese Pratt, aka Call of Duty Goddess (CODG), the day before, where he, along with TVOI ‘reporter’, Vicky Davis and CODG, were reporting on Emry’s arrest based on information provided by Emry’s wife, Beck Hudson, including the multi-page search warrant.

In this video broadcast, Sass and CODG, do not question the information Davis is providing while they add some pretty outlandish claims of their own.

You can see/hear that video here:

Both Sass and Davis are regular contributors or guest co-hosts on the CODG channel. and she on theirs. CODG along with Davis, Doom and others, have been a part of a coordinated attack on national and local Oregon journalists that have been covering both the 2016 Oregon Standoff, and the 2014 Bundy ranch cases. Davis, viciously continued those attacks in a TVOI post titled, Tweet this Bitches.



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