David Knight Shuts Down Deb Jordan Regarding Pete Santilli’s Incarceration During Live Infowars Broadcast


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By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

Deb Jordan, girlfriend of jailed internet talk show host, Pete Santilli, called-in to David Knight’s May 17, live broadcast on the Alex Jones show. Both Jordan and friend, Maureen Peltier, aka SSG Moe, have had a lot to say about the actions, and inaction’s, of alternative media mogul, Alex Jones, on behalf of Santilli and other co-defendants who participated in both the January 2016 Oregon, and the 2014 Bundy Ranch, armed standoffs.

At the 02:39:26 mark of the archived broadcast below, Knight takes Jordan’s call.

Jordan begins by saying she is calling to “get something off her mind” that has really been bothering her, noting as an aside that Santilli has called Knight an “American hero” on their show many times. Knight soundly cut Jordan off and said that is not what Santilli was saying at the Bundy Ranch.

He then went on to add,

This is about a lot of things, that he’s [Santilli] tried to make himself at the center of all this. And this is, I think, a key issue of the problem. And, I am just not interested in talking about him and building him up. That seems to be what he’s doing, and he’s gotten himself, and a lot of other people, in a lot of trouble, by making himself the center of the issue. So, uh, that’s really all I got to say about it. And, if you want to keep calling me about it … the issue here is land, not a reporter somewhere. OK? It’s about land. It’s about an out of control government. And, when anybody makes themselves a story, that changes the whole dynamic, and I’m not interested in talking about that. I mean, we got other people who are in trouble. We got , I’m far more interested in talking to the Bundys themselves. I’m far more interested in talking to Ammon and others and basically a lot of those lines of communication appear to have been burned by a guy who made himself the center of everything. When I first went there he said, ‘Hey, I’m the liaison between alternative media and uh, the government …’ I’m not alternative media. I don’t need a liaison. I talk to people I want to talk to, when I want to talk to them. I don’t need anybody’s permission to do it. Nobody represents me, and he didn’t represent them. And, if he did, it was very foolish on their part.”

Knight is correct, that Santilli inserted himself. It was Santilli that contacted the Bundys and offered up his platform and his militia connections. Santilli’s behavior on the scene was that of a fellow ‘patriot’, and not that of a credible reporter. Santilli spent much time agitating situations at both the Bunkerville and Malheur events; with activists, authorities, and other media. Acts that a journalist rarely, with any integrity, commits believing in immunity.

Santilli clearly, and publicly, chose sides and became the media propaganda arm of the takeover. Whether he stayed at the refuge, or was unarmed, is the least bit of the equation.

The Bundys definitely made a mistake in believing Santilli knew what he was doing. Although Santilli, too, believed he knew what he has doing, the Bunkerville incident was Santilli’s first rodeo as a roving ‘reporter’. He had never participated in any ‘in the streets’ type activism or reporting before Bunkerville.

The perfect patsy the Bundys thought they had, inevitably didn’t pan out for them and he instead, with permission and encouragement, documented and publicly shared everything, effectively providing a clearinghouse of evidence to federal authorities, to use against them all.

Continuing her theme, Jordan was then a guest on a couple of other YouTuber type shows complaining about David Knight and Alex Jones, including in her appearance on the Revolution News & Information channel.

At the 09:32:00 mark in the video below, Jordan get’s into her call with Knight.

Jordan didn’t stop with YouTube. In at least one Facebook post, on May 22, posted by Peltier on her, ‘The Oath with SSG Moe’ page, Jordan said,

Last week I made a call to David Knight after I heard him for the 4th time slam Peter Thomas Santilli for the work he did during Bundy Ranch — Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough — But in true mainstream fashion, he censored what I had to say and went on to slander Pete and the Bundy Family.”

As heard in the actual Infowars video, and read in the transcript provided above, Knight, in no way “slanders” the Bundys. In fact, he said, he was more interested in talking with the Bundys than offering any steam to Jordan as a platform for Santilli.

Jordan’s post went on to say,

I challenge everyone who still listens to Alex Jones to call him out! — Not for what he and Knight had to say about Pete, but for after all the money he made broadcasting the Bundy Ranch story over the past 2 years, and conveniently failing to give one single dime in support of these people who were willing to sacrifice everything.”

After a few specious comments towards Jones, Jordan then claims Jones is a multi-millionaire “courtesy of the American people”, and goes on to extort his show for a “payback” saying,

I challenge Alex Jones to set up a ONE MILLION $ FUND – to be distributed equally to these effected families – and show some respect to the people who made him a millionaire. Put your money where your mouth is Alex! And until you do, stop talking about the Bundy’s [sic] like you give a shit what happens to them. If you can pull off a money bomb to raise a million to pay your spousal support surely you can do it to pay back the people who made you that rich in the first place.”

To be clear, there is no love lost between Alex Jones, his entities or his employees, and Challenging the Rhetoric, but to be fair, those who financially support Jones are no different than those who have financially supported Santilli over the years.

Is Santilli willing to “pay back” his listeners for all of the ramped up untruths he has broadcast over the years; for all of the misguided fear he’s instilled; and for the bail, commissary and/or familial support, of those who are also incarcerated for heeding Santilli’s own call to wrongly take up arms and join him at either standoff?

I think not.

Peter Thomas Santilli faces charges for incitement, and no one, outside of Challenging the Rhetoric, is asking, who then incited Santilli?

Outside of Santilli’s erroneous and unrealistic faith in members of the Coalition of Western Sates (COWS), the answer is, Alex Jones. And, in this case, the cart definitely came before the horse.

Alex Jones does play a part, and does bear some responsibility, in this ongoing drama, and the very real virus that continues to spread online and elsewhere.

Santilli initially began his online career as a Jonesie. In fact, Santilli was one of Jones’ most ardent cult followers, until he became a cult leader himself, deploying the very misleading “Bombshell” tactics taught by Jones. The very same tactics Santilli went on to teach others.

Peltier displayed the cult follower/believer dynamic best in a March 17, YouTube video, at the 00.12:15 mark, during a rant on Jones, when she said,

The truth is hard. And the truth is, Alex Jones, everything you predicted, that would happen to our country  … EVERYTHING, Alex Jones and your messages I have listened to for years … is, is coming to fruition. Alex, David Knight, Joe Biggs … everybody on the Infowars shows … it’s happening, and it’s happening right now. And you’re … not … paying attention. You’re not hearing it. Or, seeing it. They’re rounding us up Alex, and you’re pointing fingers … saying it was earned and deserved? And again, I say, that is no different than saying that the woman who dressed inappropriately, deserved to be raped. Your message is loud and clear to me now Alex Jones. Pete Santilli is being raped, and you think he deserved it. You think we all deserve it. Everything you predicted Alex, is coming to fruition … yet, it’s OK now. It’s justified now. You said that people would see that it’s justified. You said people would take the wrong side. You said … that people, would believe the federal government, and the federal government would justify itself, and sheep will follow. Alex? You are a sheep, and you have followed … and people are being raped, and you say they deserve it. You are failing, in your message Alex, except for that your predictions, were right. None of expected you to be on the wrong side. How dare you? How dare you lead so many just to mislead them in the end? Are you a shill? Do you care for the first amendment? Or, is your ego, just that big?”

What is important to take away is this … even in their hurt, and anger, Jordan and Peltier still cling to Jones’ message.

Cult’s are real. Modern cults are adapting to technology and isolating a follower is no longer the job of the leader. Believers will isolate themselves in the comfort of their own homes, via confirmation bias.

And when shit, for some, really does hit the fan?

The ingrained, and indoctrinated, beliefs of the followers cannot catch-up to the reality of who, or what, they have been following. As seen in this case, it is easier for them to blame Jones, as the cult leader, for abandoning them, than to disbelieve themselves.

While there is much anger directed at Jones, not once do his followers question their actual beliefs based on following him [or others]; nor do they accept the truth of their own actions as a result of those, sometimes fatally, flawed beliefs.



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10 responses to “David Knight Shuts Down Deb Jordan Regarding Pete Santilli’s Incarceration During Live Infowars Broadcast

  1. Cheri, you’ve done some good work and you’ve done some other stuff in the past that I think is off base. But this is perhaps the best article of yours that I’ve read.

    I have spent a lot of time following Scientology so I know the odd thing or two about cults. And you are absolutely right on to point out that people operate with cult-like thinking around ideas and not around organizations or leaders these days, thanks to the internet.

    In other words, you don’t need some guru like Jim Jones, L. Ron Hubbard or Baghwan Shree Rajneesh to cause people to break with reality and then cling for dear life to ideas that simply don’t work.

    All you need is a mechanism for divorcing people from the ability to admit they’re wrong, and suddenly they’re locked in to what Larry Wright, the author of the best book about Scientology, calls “the prison of belief.”

    Ammon Bundy cannot ever admit that he’s wrong about the Constitution because he chose to follow a delusional paranoid interpretation of the document that is, to real constitutional experts, a complete joke. If he could admit he was wrong about that, he could probably negotiate a plea deal that would mean he’d see his kids grow up. But instead he’ll likely be an old man when he gets out of jail and he will not only miss being in his kids’ lives but he’ll miss most of his grandkids’ childhoods as well.

    Another way to look at how these people are treating Alex Jones is that they are actually looking for someone that they see as a strong leader to lead them. So while they’re a leaderless cult right now, they desperately want someone that projects an image of strength and leadership. They glom onto the first person that looks strong and who appears to support their cause, but then they get all bent out of shape when that person gets skeeved out and declines the chance to be the leader of a bunch of flakes.

    Liked by 1 person

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