LIAR OF THE WEEK: Patriot Princess Sarah Redd Buck Boldly Lies About Inflight Photo



By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

In the land of the internet, it is easy to find any image and say that somehow we are a part of whatever situation the image portrays. Patriot princess Sarah Redd Buck has tried to do exactly that in her recent Facebook post screencapped below.

srb fake photo

IMAGE SOURCE: SRB Facebook page

What she doesn’t tell you, is that the picture in question was NOT on any flight she herself was on and therefore her story is once again full of holes and her intentions are nothing but, questionable.

Lucky for us, technology not only allows someone like Redd Buck to kype someone else’s images to create her fairy-tales, it also allows internet savvy journalists the opportunity to easily highlight her lies via reverse image searches to prove where any photo originates; or in this case, to prove someone a liar.

Here below, is the original picture…

srb fake flight photo


The above image posted by Redd Buck, who claimed to have been on a flight with these men, is a July 2015 photograph of Nigeria artists after boarding an international flight to Johannesburg for the MTV Africa Music Awards, MAMA 2015. Featured in the photo are artists; 2face, Shaydee, Bamky w, Iceberg, Dare Alade, Captain Demurin, Sean tizzle. You can find the original pic with story HERE.

Why is Redd Buck making false claims that she was on this flight? And why are none of those that follow her questioning her claim?

Those that feed into and/or fall for and share or otherwise propagate such blatant fallacies as those presented by Redd Buck, are as guilty as she. In addition, those who use lies to prop up a cause do nothing more than tear down and belittle their cause, whether the cause is righteous or not. Like these commentators to her post:

srb commentators.jpgsrb commentators 2.jpg

UPDATE: Upon publishing this article, Redd Buck has removed her post and replaced it with yet another lie …

srb excuse for black man post


Shame on you Sarah Redd Buck, YOU are the shameless Liar of the Week on Challenging the Rhetoric.




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21 responses to “LIAR OF THE WEEK: Patriot Princess Sarah Redd Buck Boldly Lies About Inflight Photo

  1. Hi Cheri, I was the one who actually found this photo last night on Sarah Redd-Buck’s FB page. The picture looked suspicious to me, so I did a Google Image search on it, and found this exact picture, MAMA Awards 2015: BankyW, 2face, Darey, Dbanj And More Storm South Africa (PHOTOS) on the Internet. I posted this on the FB group, Snacks for Freedumb, last night. You can read all the comments from the group members. They are quite entertaining. 🙂 – Brie Johnson

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  2. I’m so glad you captured this before she deleted it and posted more lies about it! It amazes me that anyone believes this pathological liar!

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    • Yes, this is her and delete and lie. But just FTR, it is not me who captures all the screencaps. MANY people are very happy to provide.


  3. I find it interesting that Sarah is soliciting cards and letters of praise for Blaine to be sent to his mother’s adress because his kids are staying with her in Missouri. But if you google the adress it’s the adress of a tiny Baptist Church in the middle of nowhere. How odd. She also is asking for money for Blaine, but you have to private message her for that adress. I wonder why.

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