The Sketchy Unraveling of Bundy Co-Defendant Ryan Payne According to Comedian Artist Scott Klatt

Oregon Standoff Trials


If you have followed the Oregon Standoff case for the past 6-months, chances are at some point you have encountered Scott Klatt and his #BundyCourtSketches.

In his sketches, comedian artist Scott Klatt has always portrayed Ryan Payne, the tactical leader of the armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (MNWR), as just a beard.

ryan-payne-guilty-trials-malheur-oregon-standoff-scott-klatt-bundy-court-sketch ART SOURCE: Ryan Payne #1, Scott Klatt, #BundyCourtSketch

Klatt is a born and bred Oregonian who although has no vested interest in the defendants or the trials themselves, he has taken the time to attend most of the hearings and, by comic default, has provided the public an interesting perspective of what goes on behind those closed courtroom doors.

On his interest in the 2016 takeover case he says,

I followed Bunkerville pretty closely in 2014. I was one of those who was still waiting for some arrests and had not forgotten. I am…

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9 responses to “The Sketchy Unraveling of Bundy Co-Defendant Ryan Payne According to Comedian Artist Scott Klatt

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