Gavin Seim and Assemblywoman Michele Fiore Claim Malheur Takeover Defendant Ryan Bundy Beaten in Jail

ryan bundy eaten claim fiore gavin

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric


In a Tuesday morning Facebook Live video stream, Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and speaker Gavin Seim claim Ryan Bundy has been beaten by guards in the Multnomah County Inverness Jail* (MCIJ). Ryan is facing charges for his leadership participation in the January armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (MNWR) near Burns, Oregon.

gavin fiore ryan bundy

Fiore said Lisa Bundy, wife of Ammon Bundy, the  leader of the January takeover, called her this morning at 9:14 am saying she had just spoken with her husband. According to Fiore, Lisa was frantic and in a panic because Ammon had told her that guards had “bum rushed” Ryan’s cell to convince him to go to the hospital in order to “remove the bullet from his arm.”

On January 26, during the tense standoff on Oregon’s HWY 395 where rancher LaVoy Finicum was killed, at least two shots fired from FBI’s hostage rescue team (HRT) are under investigation. One of those shots allegedly entered the roof of Finicum’s pickup truck causing a minor injury to Ryan’s arm.

Last week, Ryan was allegedly told he would be having surgery to remove any shrapnel or bullet fragments from his arm. When they came to his cell this morning to collect him and allegedly transport him to the hospital for surgery, Ryan is said to have refused to be taken leading to an altercation.

Via Fiore, Lisa Bundy said Ryan feels they are going to take the “evidence out of his arm”.

Fiore stated she feels the purpose is to determine which agency the “bullet stuck in Ryan’s arm” came from.

According to KPTV, Ryan was “requested to appear in court for a U.S. Marshals Service matter Tuesday morning.”

When they began  placing Ryan in handcuffs, he refused to cooperate and then spun around facing them becoming confrontational according to their report. Neither tasers nor pepper spray was used on Ryan. The sergeant and deputy used force to take Ryan to the ground and cuff him. After being evaluated by a medical professional where he was deemed to be “fine”, he was transported to the courthouse and back.

Maxine Bernstein at the Oregonian reported that Ryan “is being written up for administrative violations for allegedly failing to follow orders, behaving in a ‘threatening’ or ‘assaultive’ manner and fighting with staff.”

Asking for empathy, Fiore asks you to think for a moment about being in prison (they are in jail, not prison) and what it would be like for Ammon hearing his brother “in distress, while “being beat up.” Fiore goes on to claim Ammon heard his brother’s body being “pounded into the wall” and reports that he was “screaming.”

Fiore said she suspects Ryan was on his way to “some college hospital”. Seim adds that it was possibly to “OSU”.

“OSU” is a state university. There is no hospital at OSU.

Fiore and Seim, more than likely meant OHSU, which is one of the top medical centers in the country, not just “some college hospital” as Fiore infers.

Either way, Ryan was being transported to court, not a hospital.

Seim jumped in and said, “this mysterious bullet that’s in Ryan’s arm that the government claims they never fired, right? So, on the one hand, maybe they want to know who fired the bullet but, on the other hand, they’re claiming they never used lethal rounds and so this mysterious bullet that does not exist is in his arm.”

Typical of a conspiracy pusher, Seim didn’t skip a beat, “What they want, and this has been the concern of Ryan, and what they want is to get whatever’s in there out without the public knowing. Without any evidence. They want to be able to expunge the evidence and prevent it from getting out.”

Seim claims Ammon, who is housed in the floor above his brother, saw the guards had “smashed Ryan’s head against a door jam and were working him over.”

According to Seim, Ryan finally relented only because they were “beating him” and then “hauled” him out. Adding that Ammon  told his wife they also “bagged Ryan’s stuff” and took it with him.

Neither Fiore nor Siem know where Ryan has been taken.

The two speculate he may have been taken to a hospital or he may be in “solitary confinement”. Seim gave out the number for the MCIJ and told viewers to “start making it ring off the hook” with calls demanding where Ryan was taken. He also told viewers to call the Multnomah County Emergency Services “because this was an emergency”.

Lisa Bundy told Fiore that her husband Ammon told her, “Stay calm, stay focused. God’s in control.”

Ryan’s wife Angie HuntingtonBundy sent out a message claiming Ryan was “gang banged”.

ryan bundy gang banged

According to Seim, Ammon also commented, “This is really the same as rape. You take somebody. You’re penetrating them. You’re violating their rights. You’re saying we’re gonna to do this whether you like it or not.” The near 300,00 Americans who are raped or sexually assaulted every year would probably disagree.

Seim however, appears anything but calm as he tells viewers they need to “put the light of day on their [the government’s] dark deeds”. He then broadcasts the number to “Oregon State U” both he and Fiore repeating “OSU” several times telling viewers to call, although they admit they do not know Ryan was actually taken there.

Fiore then adds that callers need to be “calm, polite, and professional” adding we do not need to “hide this from the American people”.

Apparently, Bundy supporters did not heed Fiore’s words. After connecting with the call-center at OHSU, CTR was able to verify they were indeed receiving calls. The woman who answered said those responsible for the barrage “will probably be facing a lawsuit”.

Watch the whole video preserved here on the Standoff Trial channel on YouTube.

*CTR has not yet received a response from MCIJ.


SEE: OREGON Indictment

SEE: NEVADA Indictment



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17 responses to “Gavin Seim and Assemblywoman Michele Fiore Claim Malheur Takeover Defendant Ryan Bundy Beaten in Jail

  1. Welp I’m disgusted trying to clog an emergency service line for no reason that’s really really cruel and unnecessary. I can’t fathom why Gavin would put citizens in danger for a call he could have made him self.

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  3. I visited Ryan Bundy in Jail with another person at the same time. I was shown the bullet in his Arm. This I will testify to. I Am also in the Medical Field so they can not prevent me from speaking the truth. Unless they want to pull another TG or VF or Seth R. And then it will be so Obvious


    • Honey when you can post as a real person and not hide behind anonymity, I might be interested in something you had to say. Like I said, try again. 🙂


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