LIAR OF THE WEEK: Bundy Family and Supporters for “Bullet” and “Beating” Lies


By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

Lisa J.Ludwig, stand-by counsel for pro se co-defendant Ryan Bundy moves the Court for an extension of time to file motions as he has missed his deadline.

Why did he miss his deadline? Because Ryan Bundy threw a paranoid and arrogant fit and got himself into trouble. Not because his cell got rolled and his paperwork was askew.

Yet, the Bundy family and their supporters, even today, continue to perpetuate the lies.

Here are a few things for the record …

RYAN BUNDY’S OWN MOTION says that what is in his arm is a  “metal fragment” NOT a “bullet” as they all continue to publicly lament. Brother Ammon claimed the family has an x-ray showing it is a “bullet”. Where is that evidence to support their claims when the man with the shrapnel in his arm publicly files motions to the contrary?

If it were indeed a “bullet” why would Ryan Bundy not want it logged into evidence?

The motion that was filed also clearly shows that Ryan Bundy himself created the altercation that occurred when deputies came to cuff and collect him for transport. A trip mind you, that was not to a hospital for surgery as again, Bundy family members and supporters have claimed.

Lastly, there is ZERO mention in his new after-the-fact motion of him ever being “beaten” or even injured in the fracas.

Where is your fear of truth-telling coming from?

Shame on all of you who have perpetuated and continue to propagate such lies. Shame on all of you unwilling to stand against popularity status quos by calling out the truth loud and proud. Shame on those supporters who would rather whitewash information or share it blatantly unchecked.

Police brutality and use of excessive force by law enforcement is a very real issue in this country. And, it is those who lie about it that taint any resolution and transparency of the issues.

Propaganda goes both ways. It is up to each of you to take responsibility for the propaganda you participate in…whether you create it … or curate it. You cannot uphold the Constitution if you cannot uphold the truth regardless of any discomfort it may bring.

If you genuinely seek truth and justice in this situation … it starts with you the Bundy family and your supporters to include Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and so-called “Liberty” speaker Gavin Seim.

You are all Challenging the Rhetoric‘s Liar of the Week.

Ryan Bundy Extension Request by Maxine Bernstein on Scribd

SEE: OREGON Indictment

SEE: NEVADA Indictment





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13 responses to “LIAR OF THE WEEK: Bundy Family and Supporters for “Bullet” and “Beating” Lies

  1. This is a standard technique of the Bundys. Go watch the video of when their aunt, Margaret Houston was allegedly thrown to the ground in Nv. They were shouting they were not the aggressors. She was jumping in front of BLM vehicles. When an officer moved her out of the way, she did a flop that would have been fined in the NBA. Then Ammon charged the BLM and got tazed. Look at where he was in reference to the BLM truck. But they were not the aggressors. Look at the video of David Bundy whining about be arrested. Ammon claimed that he was nearly beaten to death. When they tell the truth, it is just a coincidence.

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  3. Sorry…..My husband and I ….and His wife Angie…have all seen the bullet in his Shoulder. Two of us our Medical nurses….and after years of working in a ER….I know a bullet wound…with the bullet still in the Body.


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