Dually Indicted Armed Standoff Defendant Blaine Cooper Says he Lied Under Oath and “Stands in Defiance ’til the End”


IMAGE SOURCE: Blaine Cooper YouTube channel

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

In a recorded statement published online*, standoff militant Blaine Cooper tells whoever is listening that he was forced to lie under Oath and that he stands in “defiance” until the end. Cooper is 1 of 19 individuals indicted in Nevada and  1 of 26 indicted in Oregon for participation in the armed standoffs involving the now notorious Bundy family.

In an attempt to clear the air amid rumors that he, like dually indicted co-defendant Brian ‘Booda’ Cavalier, is a cooperating witness for the prosecution, Cooper says his honor and integrity are worth even more than a life with his children.

“I took a non-cooperative plea, for 6-years. I could’ve walked out the front door, but my honor and integrity mean more to me than a life with my children [sic]. I will now spend the next 41/2-years in prison because I refuse to work with the Federal Government and I refuse to turn on my brothers. Booda aka Brian Cavalier was going to testify against me and two other people, about an alleged felon in possession of firearm at the Bundy ranch which carries 10-years in the District of Nevada; and 5-years for every round that’s in the firearm. I was stuck in a rock and a hard place and this was the only logical solution without having to throw any of my brothers under the bus. Freedom isn’t free. It’s a small price to pay for standing for the Constitution and defending and protecting the Bundys. It’s never an easy choice to make. I’ve done what I could for my country. I stand in defiance ’til the end. And now, I will serve my time with honor and respectably [sic]. There are a lot of people, who if given the same situation, would use every opportunity to go home. As in my case, I could’ve walked right out the front door and I chose to sit here for 6-years instead. I took the same plea as Jerry DeLemus’s. Me and him did see each other at court and we both talked about that we did not want to do this plea. We actually had to actively lie in the courtroom under Oath. With the Judge fully aware that we were lying, admitting to a crime we didn’t commit out of fear of what they could do to us if we did not take the plea. Given that the indictment is superseding, they can add whatever they want to it at any time. And the felon in possession, with the overwhelming evidence they had against me on the alleged possession charge, I had no choice, but to cop to a non-cooperative plea and 6-years … 6-years is a long time. The Judge, if she wants to, could give me 20-years. She does not have to go along with the plea and this was stated in the courtroom. I’m taking a huge gamble with my life right now, but it was the only choice I thought I could make.”

Cooper has a life-long rap sheet with more than 100 previous and unrelated charges against him including those for felony assault.

In addition, there are still questions swirling around his corporation, Third Watch Productions. ‘Patriot’ supporter and Cooper pal, Jaime Spears Aldazabal is the registered agent filed on the corporation.

On September 7, the first round of trials for the 2016 Oregon incident begins, with the second trial scheduled to start in February. The start of the Nevada trial for the 2014 incident is also slated for February.

*CTR has preserved this audio in its entirety.



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10 responses to “Dually Indicted Armed Standoff Defendant Blaine Cooper Says he Lied Under Oath and “Stands in Defiance ’til the End”

  1. It is perjury to lie under oath and that is what Cooper-Hicks is doing right now. Court has the option of retracting plea deal or at least asking again in open court for a retraction.
    All he is doing, of course, is trying to save face.

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    • I can see why Blaine is trying to save face the movement he is apart of is very much dog eat dog at this point. Since the arrest almost every one with the exception of Ammon and Ryan Bundy has been called a fed or a informant and received the thinly veiled Facebook threats that come with it.

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