Is a Mental Health Plea Coming for Oregon Standoff Co-Defendant David Fry?


IMAGE SOURCE: Defend Your Base screencap

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

In a Friday YouTube video, Deborah Jordan, girlfriend of dually indicted internet talk show host Pete Santilli, told listeners that Per Olson, attorney for co-defendant David Fry had Fry evaluated which concluded that Fry suffered from “some” schizophrenia. Fry is indicted for his participation in the January armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (MNWR) outside of Burns, Oregon.

Jordan said the prosecution is objecting to having Fry’s new mental health evaluation being admissible because they had conducted their own evaluation and found him to be “fine”. She notes that Fry has been “on the psych ward” since his arrest.

According to Jordan, there will be a “special hearing” for Fry where the judge will listen to the findings of the independent psychiatrist who has been working with Fry.

In July, after being unceremoniously outed by another Judge, Fry, who is from Blanchester, Ohio and being held at the Multnomah County Inverness Jail in Portland, Oregon, took to YouTube to tell the world he had gender dysphoria.

On August 18, Judge Anna Brown granted Fry’s motion for a Daubert Hearing to be under seal. At that time, it was this writer’s prediction Fry’s motion would be in line with a coming mental health plea.

If Fry’s motion is under seal as ordered, it is unknown why Jordan would be publicly discussing any of the contents of that motion.

A  Daubert Hearing is generally intended to get relevant “ëxpert witness” information in front of a judge before a trial begins. Some reasons for this are:

  • a ruling on the expert testimony will be issue or case dispositive;
  • if presented, the expert testimony will prejudice the jury even though they are later instructed to disregard it;
  • a ruling on the testimony will significantly affect the parties’ trial strategies;
  • exclusion of the testimony will reduce the cost of trial;
  • a hearing will educate the judge to the issues;
  • a hearing will allow full briefing and explanation of issues which is not possible during trial; and
  • it may lead to a favorable decision.

In Fry’s case, it is assumed the information he and his attorney have presented the judge is in relation to the alleged mental health evaluation commissioned by Olson to explain Fry’s state of mind in the final weeks of the takeover.

According to Jordan,

“When he [David Fry] heard the news about LaVoy Finicum, his mental state became very volatile and it caused him to react in the way that he reacted.”

Tens of thousands of people witnessed Fry’s rapid mental deterioration in several live streamed videos on Fry’s YouTube channel, Defend Your Base. Fry was one of the “final four” occupiers who was taken into custody on February 11 after eating a cookie, having a final cigarette and requesting that spectators and law enforcement say “Hallelujah”.



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