NEW YEAR, NEW PRESIDENT, NEW PROBLEMS: CTR Podcast Resumes with Killer Line-Up

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

After a lengthy hiatus to accommodate a move and more, the Challenging the Rhetoric podcast will resume Tuesday, January 31, 2017, at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST.  

There is a lot to talk about. It’s a new year and we have a new President, what more do I need to say to prompt you to listen? 

The problems with Trump were apparent long before he took office, yet now he is officially our resident “pussy grabber” in chief occupying a White House the voting majority did not give him. 

What does this say about us as a country? What will it mean historically? Something, I’m sure, and it likely isn’t good.

In the years since 9/11, the divide in this country has steadily grown, sometimes to the point of violence. 

It’s troublesome at best.

I think you will dig the upcoming guest line-up and on-point conversations that ensue. I hope to have you listening.



GUEST: Spencer Sunshine, PhD



“Alt-Right” extremism expert, Spencer Sunshine is an associate fellow at Political Research Associates. Sunshine has spent the better part of the last year studying militias and sovereign citizens, particularly in Oregon related to the #Oregonstandoff, and the growing aggression of today’s ‘patriot’ movement whose beliefs rely heavily on conspiracy theories bred in part by generational, ideological, and/or religious misnomers.

We’ll go over a bit of the history behind some of the recent armed conflicts and their impact on current politics that helped pave the road to a Donald Trump Presidency. Is Rome going to crumble under the weight of Trump’s ego?

Sunshine’s forthcoming book, Unorthodox Fascism: The New Right, Third Positionism, and the Specter of Multiracial Fascism in the United States, will appear on Routledge’s Studies in Fascism and the Far Right.


GUEST: Mark Zaid, Esq.


Washington D.C. National Security Attorney, Mark Zaid, to discuss Russia, the election, Clinton recap, and President Trump.

What role does Russia play in President Donald Trump’s inner circle?

On behalf of Politico reporter, Josh Gerstein, Zaid has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit looking to find out what was in the 2-page synopsis on the alleged 35-page dossier provided to Trump before he was sworn into office.

Do Americans have a right to know? 
As Sarah Palin would say, “You betchya!” Although, I doubt she’d agree.
For over two decades, Zaid has fought to guarantee the rights of former, current, and prospective civilian federal employees, defense contractors, members of our active duty and reserve military…and journalists, particularly when they are threatened by the overshadowing spectre of national security. His representation has ranged from high-profile Members of Congress to covert CIA operations officers.
Zaid is also the executive director of the James Madison Project, a Washington, D.C. organization established in 1998 to promote government accountability and the reduction of secrecy related to Intelligence and National Security.


GUEST: Frederick Lane, Esq.



Leading cybercrime/computer forensics expert, Frederick Lane to discuss cybersecurity related to national security under a new President, Donald Trump. Lane is an author, attorney, expert witness, and professional speaker on the legal and cultural implications of emerging technology.

We will also touch base on internet and electronic crimes related to credit card scams, merchant account fraud, and money laundering as well as other cyber crimes like online harassment, stalking, revenge porn and child porn.

We all have a digital footprint that computer forensic experts like Lane, can track.

All podcasts are archived after the live broadcast using the same links as the live shows.


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