Trump Administration VS Public Lands and the EPA



By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric
We live on a finite planet with infinite growth, so what is the Trump Administration’s plan for the planet? Listen to Challenging the Rhetoric tonight. My guest, Ryan Beam and I will discuss President Trump’s war with the environment, public lands, the Dakota Pipeline, and more.
Beam has a degree in natural resource management and dedicates himself to close analysis of the West’s public lands working with the Center for Biological Diversity to ensure that ownership of, and management authority over, our public lands is not ceded to private industry interests. The Center works to secure a future for all species, great and small, through science, law and creative media.
You have questions, we have answers. Let’s challenge the rhetoric!
LIVE SHOW* Weds. Feb. 8 @ 6pPST/9pEST :
Beam and former #CTR guest, Kieran Suckling, the Center’s director, are currently protesting in Nevada on behalf of public lands outside of the first Bundy trial that began February 6, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nineteen individuals, including five Bundy men, are on trial (split trials) for the 2014 #Bunkerville armed standoff with BLM and other State and Federal law enforcement (we will also have an Oregon Standoff update.The second OR trial is set to begin next week).
LIVE SHOW*: Weds. Feb. 8 @ 6pPST/9pEST :
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4 responses to “Trump Administration VS Public Lands and the EPA

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