Pete Santilli Fires Warning Shot at Bundys in Nevada

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By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

Jailed internet talk show host Pete Santilli has seemingly come to his senses. Through his Nevada attorney  Chris T. Rasmussen, he has moved for a second time to sever his case from that of his codefendants. The move, titled “EMERGENCY SECOND MOTION TO SEVER DEFENDANT SANTILLI FROM BEING TRIED WITH CO-DEFENDANTS OR A HEARING TO CANVASSING PROTESTING CO-DEFENDANTS”, states “Santilli’s other trial defendants except for Cliven Bundy, have decided it is more important to protest jail procedures they feel violate their rights instead of preparing for a defense in the upcoming case in which they are facing life in prison. ” According to the memo, only Cliven has helped prepare for the upcoming trial of the alleged leaders of the 2014 armed “Battle of Bunkerville” near the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. Santilli, 51, is facing 82-years in prison for his participation, although he claims to have been there as an “advocacy journalist” and has sought protections as such.

This new filing is a far cry from last May’s Motion to Sever which only claimed, “Santilli’s trial should be severed from that of his co-defendants for two reasons. First, Santilli will be denied access to the exculpatory testimony of his co-defendants. Second, the jury is likely to find Santilli guilty by association”. This time around, however, it is clear Santilli is fed up with the antics of the Bundys and their supporters, firing a clear warning shot at the Bundys to get their act together preparing for a trial that could net them all life in prison.

According to the April 6, document, Santilli is seeking “a canvass of protesting co-defendants” and if there is no resolution, i.e. if they don’t pull their collective heads out of their asses, then he wishes to sever. In other words, he is seeking his codefendant’s approval of his motion while giving clear and relevant reasons why this is necessary.

For instance, Rasmussen states, “Ammon Bundy came before the Magistrate in his underwear in protest.  These actions are endangering Santilli’s case.” Additionally, Rasmussen points out that  “The timing of the Bundy jail protests have eliminated their contact with counsel during crucial trial preparation.  They will not be adequately prepared for trial in the next 30 days, unless they immediately come to their senses and start preparing for the trial with counsel.”and that, “Santilli and his defense team have been working diligently putting together over 1200 exhibits as it is becoming more apparent that the other defendants protest may spill into the trial.”

From inside both Oregon and Nevada jails, the Bundy brothers, particularly Ryan, have participated in many cry wolf sessions and outright ridiculousness. All of which has been publicly supported by their wives, mother, and supporters across the country. Their supporters, in turn, have instigated their own brand of lunacy to include threats, harassment and a grab bag of other actions that have done nothing to garner credibility of the codefendants’ claims of peaceful protest and serious intentions.

The first Bundy Ranch trial is set for closing arguments this week. U.S. attorneys have filed a motion for the second of the three Nevada trials related to the Bundy Ranch standoff to begin June 5. Santilli, Cliven, and brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy, along with Ryan Payne are scheduled for the second trial. Santilli has filed a Motion for Joinder to the govt. motion in which Rasmussen says Santilli  “would object to any further starting date for the trial.  Additionally, if this current trial ends in a mistrial, we would request that Santilli’s trial go forthwith on June 5th, 2017”. The judge has yet to rule on the date.

Rasmussen’s wording is expectant that the judge will rule in Santilli’s favor by his use of the singular, “Santilli’s trial”. However, in a Facebook statement acknowledging his move, Santilli girlfriend and show co-host Deborah Jordan says, “there isn’t a chance in Hades Navarro will allow him to sever.” In a defensive tone, she stresses that Santilli “wants to make it clear that he is frustrated with the process”, and to say that his latest move to sever his case is “more symbolic than realistic” pointing out others who have previously made the same move, including Cliven Bundy himself.

Deb Jordan statement on Santilli Motion to Sever:

“CLARIFICATION: While Pete Santilli supports the “moral choice to protest” by Ammon and Ryan Bundy, and Ryan Payne, inside the walls of the Southern Nevada Detention Center, he wants to make it clear that he is frustrated with the process. There can be no resolution when both sides dig in their heels.

Pete continues to work tirelessly on the case every day with Cliven, and to date has put together nearly 1200 exhibits that benefit not only the men in “their” upcoming trial, but also the men who are on trial now, and those who face trial last.
He literally never stops working! Nobody has worked as hard as Pete and Cliven in these past months on this case. Losing the other 3 men’s help at this critical time has been devastating.
His Motion to Sever is more symbolic than realistic as they all know there isn’t a chance in Hades Navarro will allow him to sever. AND Just for the record and a reminder to you;
Pete just wants EVERYONE to be found NOT GUILTY so they can all go home and never have to endure the demoralizing procedure of strip-search again …
This trial will not be easy and they ALL need to be ready —
Just today the Prosecution filed a motion asking Navarro to extend the second trial date to June 5th — Stating they had double the witnesses (60) and once again reiterated the Bundy Investigation is still ongoing —
This next trial will not end until some-time in SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER –“
Jordan has spent much time fending off attacks since Santilli was first arrested on January 26, 2016, in Oregon for his participation in the Bundy’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge takeover and 41-day occupation. Santilli’s charges were later dropped”without prejudice” in that case before being transferred to Nevada where he has been since. Throughout the OR pre-trial hearings and since he got off in OR, Jordan has had to battle naysayers, haters, and even former supporters. Whether or not the judge sides with Santilli, will Jordan now have to battle, or be disenfranchised from the support of, the Bundy women and their fans while she and her man fight for Santilli’s real freedom with or without them?

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4 responses to “Pete Santilli Fires Warning Shot at Bundys in Nevada

  1. Ammon Bundy came before the Magistrate in his underwear in protest. These actions are embarrassing Santilli because his pee stained tighty whities are embarrassing and low class after Ammons lacy satin drawers (from Frederick’s of Hollywood)!


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