Alex Jones Custody Trial Reveals Alleged “Narcissitic” Diagnosis

alex jones


I created a Twitter list to follow for those who are trying to keep up with the Alex Jones custody trial in Austin, Texas. Alex Jones, a far-right conspiracy theorist and owner/host of Infowars, is fighting against revised custody for his ex-wife Kelly Jones. So far it has come out that Jones has allegedly been previously professionally diagnosed as narcissistic, it was also revealed that he took his clothes off in a family therapy session, and more.

The list includes reporters who are in the courtroom live Tweeting.


5 responses to “Alex Jones Custody Trial Reveals Alleged “Narcissitic” Diagnosis

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  3. I like Alex Jones but he most definitely is now a disinformation agent…He was once a legit TRUTHER but I believe after he snuck into bohemian Grove he got a 3 am visit from the illuminati and they got him…I’m sure he will join the unstoppable truth Movement and become the old Alex again.


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