“Citizen Journalism”

Cheri Speak

Every day we read posts and articles online that fringe on — or cross-over the line of, being illegal by people playing “citizen journalists”. Ethics are something we think little of these days especially in the realm of our digital world.

What Is Citizen Journalism?

citizen-journalism-laws-ethics-reporting-news IMAGE SOURCE: maichimai2611.wordpress.com

Put simply, citizen journalism is private individuals reporting information. According to About.com,

That information can take many forms, from a podcast editorial to a report about a city council meeting on a blog. It can include text, pictures, audio and video. But it’s basically all about communicating information of some kind.

Mark S. Zaid, a Washington, D.C. attorney who has handled several high-profile defamation cases says,

The Internet has emboldened people to believe they can write anything they want about anyone at anytime without any evidence or attempt to investigate and no matter how defamatory the assertions might be. The level of…

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