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7 responses to “Contact CTR

  1. I like the premise of your site. It says ‘no lies’ that would be extremely refreshing to experience a ‘news’ organization that would adhere to such a lofty goal. I would like to challenge you to research– seriously research an error that you have made, and in making the error you exposed your bias. You see, it is difficult to have a ‘no lies’ organization when you are trying to cover your bias or pretend you do not have one. Here is the challenge.: You wrote ‘public land propaganda” obviously you believe that somehow people trying to say the land does not belong to the federal government is propaganda. I challenge you to do all the research you can. both constitutionally– and specifically regarding the Bundy’s. 1. the constitution says the federal government may only own 10 square miles (wa dc) and forts/ports etc. The constitution says it is there to LIMIT and make clear the LIMITS of the federal government. That is the purpose of the constitution. So, if the constitution says the federal government cannot legally own the land, how is it that it is trying to declare ownership over that which is does not own? Please answer that legally. In addition, go through the records and see who owns the bundy’s land and how long their family has owned it (meaning the purchased it). Many ‘city’ folks do not understand that farmers/ranchers etc. are allowed to BUY (with money) RIGHTS, Rights such as mineral rights, water rights, ditch rights, easement rights– Once purchased they are the same as buying a car from the lot YOU OWN IT> no one can come and take it back. Grazing rights etc. Look in to the legal part of it, not the political leaning part. and then reprint the truth with NO LIES.


    • The ‘public land propaganda’ of which I speak is the true propaganda that is being passed around instead of hard facts. I challenge YOU to actually do some fact checking on Bundy claims. The problem with what has gone down, is ranchers do have a real issue, but the issueS that have been laid out, have not been done so in Constitutional truth, nor reality.


  2. The constitution when refering to 10 miles in DC, before a name was given to the city, doesnt say anything regarding the feds ownership of land. All it says is that in the future, when they decide on a new place for the US Capital, it was in Philadelphia at the time, the feds, congress, will be the direct government of such designated area. Thats all it says.
    The constitution gives ample rights to the feds and nowhere does it take away any of those rights, including land ownership.
    Misreading of the constitution seems to be viral amongst too many self styled constitutionalists.


  3. IT is so obvious that you are very liberal and slanted in your “Journalistic” free license. You want sensationalism and that is obvious. I suggest that you go back to school and study your history and also learn the difference between real laws, Statutes that have been promoted by the socialist and then use those critical thinking skills that promote common sense….


  4. Wow Cheri,. I believe many of your listeners are suffering from a severe case of the Dunning-kruggar syndrome. Their beliefs cannot accept a world view based on facts , records and historical records. Their education and research are based on internet searches and blogs. Cult behavior

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