Show Archive

If you missed any or all of the LIVE shows, that’s OK because #CTR archives each show so you can listen any time. Because the original archive on Blog Talk Radio can be cumbersome to navigate, a YouTube channel has been created to also house the archives for your convenience and ease of listening and sharing.

THURS MARCH 24, 2016

WEDS MARCH 23, 2016

SUN MARCH 20, 2016

WEDS MARCH 16, 2016

WEDS FEB 8, 2016

WEDS FEB 4, 2016

WEDS FEB 17, 2016

WEDS FEB 10, 2016


WEDS FEB 3, 2016

WEDS JAN 27, 2016

WEDS JAN 20, 2016

WEDS JAN 6, 2016

WEDS DEC 2, 2015

WEDS NOV 25, 2015

WEDS NOV 4, 2015

WEDS OCT 28, 2015

WEDS OCT 14, 2015

WEDS SEPT 30, 2015

WEDS SEPT 23, 2015

WEDS SEPT 16, 2015

WEDS SEPT 9, 2015

WEDS SEPT 2, 2015

NOTE: There were 25 previous episodes that were arbitrarily deleted by Anita Stewart, one of the show’s original co-hosts. Anita has not been a part of CTR since April of 2015. CTR is a bit of an enigma. It’s a long story. You can read some of the details HERE. CTR is a legal registered ABN owned by Cheri Roberts.

Below are the archives for CTR’s Special Series, Sickness of Silence 


2 responses to “Show Archive

  1. Love the show …find finding the information about the show difficult to impossible to pull up beyond re listening to the entire show…tedious.


    • Thank you Lisa. Yes, Blog Talk Radio is an antiquated platform. We are working to move to a better one, but it is no easy task finding one that offers the ability of a live show. Thanks again and please hang in there with us.


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