Part 1: The Strange Case of Mollie Dunn Powell : Shooting for Sympathy

mollie dunn powell

Part 1: The Strange Case of Mollie Dunn Powell : Shooting for Sympathy

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

Earlier this week I revealed the truth about patriot movement agitator/infiltrator, Mollie Dunn Powell, who has been going by the moniker of Shiloh Ryder on social media. This isn’t “Shiloh’s” first rodeo. In 2013, she was using “Shiloh Rebel” and had deceitfully infiltrated another organization at that time.

Here is a Facebook post she made in August of 2013. It seems, there is an established pattern with Powell.

mollie dun powell aug 31 whack someone post

This time around, as “Shiloh Ryder”, Powell was the ringleader of many attacks on, and doxxing of, non Bundy supporters, particularly the journalists covering the January armed takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge outside of Burns, Oregon.

Myself and award-winning Oregonian reporter, Les Zaitz, have been her, and her followers, primary targets of choice.

Powell’s Koch Connection

The vitriol directed at me by Powell, specifically began during and after last week’s April 13, Challenging the Rhetoric podcast, as a result of my having citizen militia leaders, Melvin Lee and Mark McConnell, as guests on my show.

It was that night, that Powell inadvertently exposed herself as a Koch Brothers’ shill and recruiter, as the Florida Field Director for Americans for Prosperity (AFP).

Some of the members of the Florida Liberty Belles patriot group had become AFP volunteers at some point; whether that is a result of being recruited in by Powell herself, I do not know, however at this time, Powell is the only one confirmed to actually be on the payroll, and a bonafide employee.

Mollie Powell’s “Pew Pew” Pretenses

On the evening of April 18, the day I published the expose on Powell, she and her friends were chatting it up on various social media platforms, mostly via private messages and group chats. She was also texting back and forth with others. She wasn’t happy about the article, and told at least two people she was afraid she would lose her job over it.

Other than highlighting her poor behavior, there is nothing in the article that could jeopardize her employment with AFP … unless AFP didn’t want people to know she worked for them. I find that highly unlikely in this case, even for the Koch Brothers.

During all the chitty chat, as she and they spent the better part of the evening trying to do damage control and trying to discern literal and physical locations of me and others, Powell suddenly announced to those she was talking with, that shots were fired at her house.

Here is a screen shot from Powell’s cell phone that she sent to people as “proof” of the alleged incident. A 911 call does not prove a crime. It only proves a call was placed. Pictures of sheriffs responding to a call, also does not prove a crime was committed. It only proves the sheriffs did their job and responded to the 911 call.

mollie 911 call.jpg

The Frame Up

Upon presenting images of sheriffs outside of her home, some of Powell’s followers immediately told Powell that she needed to put the information out on social media and to the regular media itself “right away” and  publicly blame myself and Zaitz for the shooting.

This theme was repeated across her platforms, and at least one person actively and openly began helping her plan, and execute, a smear campaign. That man is,  Lazaro Ecenarro, who fancies himself some sort of sovereign citizen “Constitutional” scholar and legal expert representing the Bundys and their co-defendants.

On a Google Hang Out with Mike Serour, Powell challenges me to post the screenshots and other information that I have. Well, message to Ms. Powell, I do not need to provide any of you my “work product” and reveal any of my sources. That, unlike my article exposing who you really are and who you work for, would be unethical. And since you say in that same vid, that I am your “enemy”, while you worry about exactly what I have turned over, let me remind you of that old saying about keeping your enemies closer. I would be very careful in your further public claims, because I will continue to have access to the back door of your behind-the-scenes digital dickery.

By the way, Ecenarro is the same man, who several weeks ago, barged in the federal courtroom trying to present his “super papers” to Judge Brown, who was ruling in the Oregon Standoff hearings.

bundy court sketch 34

IMAGE SOURCE: Scott Klatt #BundyCourtSketch

Powell went on to tell people that she had filed an incident report with the sheriffs and that there was now an investigation.

All along, as she played — and continues to play the role of victim, Powell knew her allegations of a shooting were false. Many, if not all, of her friends, however, did not. They were genuinely concerned for her life, believing blindly, and saying, that someone “put a hit” out on her based only on what Powell was dishonorably telling them.

No one was challenging her claims. No one was calling the sheriff to see if there was any veracity at all to what she’d said.

Within minutes of her announcement, it became Gospel and her choir began singing an unholy tune. They are either really naive, or just plain arrogant, but enough so they seem to forget how much social media has already ensnared and continues to bury their compatriots awaiting trial for both the Oregon and Bunkerville standoffs.

The First call to Hillsborough County Sheriff & Dispatcher #91

On April 20, I called the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office (HCSO) and spoke with Dispatcher #91. On their website’s sheriff blotter there was zero mention of the supposed incident, so I wanted to confirm Powell’s “report” number, now that she had provided one, before I went forward with that night’s show. The call between myself and the sheriff’s office was a recorded (by them) call.

There was no sheriff’s report of the incident filed. None whatsoever. And, I reported exactly that on my Wednesday April 20 podcast. However, on that show, I did in fact say that there was no call, and there were no sheriffs, based on my call twith HCSO and the fact Powell had not texted or posted anything besides accusations, a few dark pictures, and a tall tale.

As a direct result, of me calling her out on my show, by the following morning, Powell began dispersing a screenshot of her phone’s 911 call.

mollie 911 call.jpg

Which was quickly followed by this information …

  1. Hillsborough County Sheriff 813-247-8000 Shot fired report 16-264558 4/18/16 Report to be picked up Friday 4/22/16 to scan and submit to AFP Security Chief, Scott Chambers

  2. Les Zaitz Harassment Report 16-257632 Filed 4/16/16 Currently transferred to Grant County Sheriff Office, Oregon

The following day she produced a snippet of what she alleged to be the real incident “report” itself and shared it with her minions to populate their devices and platforms with it.

mollie dunn powell police report image

Powell seemed unable to produce an actual incident report for anyone — including her boyfriend, but there was now at least a potential “report” number to investigate further.

And so I did.

The Second Call to Hillsborough County Sheriff & Dispatcher #129

Unfortunately, the people mentioned in this Mollie Dunn Powell series spent copious hours formulating blog posts, social media posts and YouTube videos. Not just spreading HER lies, but reinforcing them with their vitriol, sowing further the accusations and outright libelous slander.

Had they done what I’d done. Twice. Well, they could have saved a lot of time, effort and problems, not to mention potential charges themselves.

See, this time when I called with that number, HCSO’s Dispatcher #129, was able to tell me that, yes,  Powell did call their office that evening and they did show up at her home to check out the situation.

But, according to #129, that incident report snippet and number Powell is sharing everywhere, is not in fact a report at all. It is only a reference number to her logged call. In fact, there is absolutely NO sheriff’s report of the incident at all.

They said there was no report because they didn’t file one, because there was nothing to investigate and there was no investigation going on.

According to HCSO, when they arrived at the scene, they found no evidence whatsoever to back any of Powell’s allegations. There were no other witnesses to activity or the sound of gunshots. And as Powell herself admits on Serour’s show, there was no bullet hole or even a casing, anywhere to be found.

I asked why wouldn’t there still be a report if someone reported a shooting?

I was rather surprised at their answer, especially because they record all incoming calls, but #129 said after patrols arrived to check on Powell, they deemed Powell to have, and I quote them, “mental health issues”.

The reason Powell took so long to offer up proof of the incident is because there is no report for her to provide anyone. The incident happened only in Powell’s own imagination. Powell’s irresponsible and lazy friends and followers, like Serour, are too aroused by their own click-bait assumptions, to make a less than 5-minute phone call.

Perpetuating Her Lie

What really did happen however, were a few very conspiratorial conversations, specifically planning to frame myself and Oregonian reporter Les Zaitz for a violent crime that never happened. According to Powell’s HCSO, that is a federal crime.

Most of the conversations I reference, are documented in their entirety, along with several others that took place, online and off.

Those who have participated in any of these conversations or the smear campaign, to include those writing their own stories and making their own videos (live or pre-recorded), perpetuating any part of Powell’s lie, according to the authorities, are participating in the same crime.

Simply deleting things, is not good enough. The internet lives on.Like these two posts published on, and then removed from, the Betsy Ross Conservative blog, after being prolifically shared, still has the meta data from her original links below.


2. )

Because I had the Betsy Ross piece still open on my screen when she took it down, hours later I was still able to take screen shots and preserve it. Here’s a peek …


In addition, the various videos put out by the YouTubers involved, has also been downloaded and preserved; as has the data on the handful of bash accounts, pages and groups that have been created. And, where said videos have been shared.

Let it be known, “ignorance” is not accountable in any  criminal court of law. Those “citizen journalists” who swallowed her bait, hook, line, and sinker — instead of picking up the phone, calling the HCSO themselves to vet the allegations, have no “I didn’t know” clause.

That goes for Powell herself, as well.

It seems, people like Lazaro EncenarroEric Spitfire, Mike Serour, Professor Doom aka Danny Sass, Betsy Ross Conservative, SSG Moe aka Maureen Peltier, Vicky Davis, Call of Duty Goddess and a whole slew of others are not happy enough just to visit their Patriots in jail. They seem hell-bent on becoming prison bunkies instead.

Friends of Powell, who participated in her actions, need to call the sheriff themselves and provide them Powell’s supposed incident report number. You’ll see. And then, those like Ecenarro and a handful of others, need to start figuring out how they are going to protect themselves from the avalanche of problems Powell has just caused them.

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  3. Sounds like a smear campaign to me. Grandma always said be careful of those throwing dirt, they are dirty. As far as this molly person goes I would be upset to if someone gave out my personal info. How would you like it if somebody told the world you live in Lincoln City and live Michael Sila…… the underground gardner.


    • Jacque Shults aka Sophia … Noone but Mollie gave out her personal information. Oh and yes, Michael IS very proud of me, and one of my best friends, but we are no longer roommates babes. That was more than a year ago when I built the website for him hahahaha. Nice try.


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